From the very earliest days of ElliptiGO, our vision was not just to invent a new product but to launch the new competitive sport of elliptical cycling. As athletes, we have experienced first-hand the power of competition to inspire and motivate. Competition infuses our otherwise standard fitness routines with a higher purpose. When we compete against others, we collectively experience joy, anguish, triumph, and heart-break. For us, this collective experience is the most important reason we compete. Anyone can train and pursue goals in isolation—it is competition that fosters community and human connection.

We host the annual World Championships of Elliptical Cycling to inspire athletes to train year-round for the chance to qualify and compete for the highest title in our sport. We track ElliptiGO Records to celebrate the awesome achievements of athletes who ride farther, ride faster and climb higher than anyone else in the world. We immortalize the first 100 ElliptiGO riders who completed a 100-mile cycling event in our century club so each member can leave his or her indelible mark on our emerging sport. And ElliptiGO athletes take on some of the most epic rides in the world to challenge themselves and inspire the entire elliptical biking community.