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Ride in an official event or serves as the official pacer for a running event, tell us about it and you can earn points and get a pin on the map!

To the right, there's an interactive map where you can see all of the events that ElliptiGO riders have completed so far and can use to locate other riders in your area for training and racing.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to earn bonus points by participating in designated types of events:

For more information on the different types of events, click on the Event Details button on this page.

The 2015 GOTM season started on September 29, 2014 and ends with the 2015 ElliptiGO World Championships Weekend. All rides from September 29, 2014 on will count towards the 2015 riding season. If you completed a ride between September 29, 2014 and today, please enter it via the GOTM Event Submission Form on the right-hand side of the page.

Get On The Map Event Details
EVENT TYPES   Official Event/Running Event Criteria  |  Bonus Point Events

How do I submit a completed event?
How do I find an event?
How do I become a Pacer?

Official Event
For purposes of GOTM points, an "official event" is

1. Any organized cycling event that has the following characteristics:

  • Has a website describing the event
  • Requires registration to participate
  • Is organized by a company that puts on events as a primary part of its business

2. A running event that meets the above criteria and you ride your ElliptiGO on the course as an "official pacer" for the event.

Examples of rides that DO NOT qualify to earn points:

  • Group rides
  • Club rides
  • Solo or group endurance treks that do not meet the above criteria

Bonus Point Events
Featured Events: Featured events are a compilation of epic rides, highly attended 2014 rides, unique 2014 GOTM submissions, owner recommendations and other rides of interest. Click the "Featured Events" button for a full list of events we've identified as "Featured Events". In the right hand column you can see the bonus points available for each of these rides.

GO10 Events: GO10 Events are official events where ten or more ElliptiGO riders all register for, participate in and complete the day's ride. GO10 bonus points will be added to an entry once the tenth person has submitted their ride. 50 bonus points will be rewarded once the tenth person has uploaded their ride.

Impact Events: Impact Events are official events in which an ElliptiGO owner raises funds for a specified charity as part of the registration/participation requirements. These events will be eligible for official event points plus additional points based on the amount of money he/she raises and donates to the designated charity.

Additionally, any ElliptiGO owner who coordinates, promotes and executes their own independently run, ride-centered fundraising event will be eligible for the bonus points (but not event points) should their efforts meet the following criteria:

  • Eligibility of event is pre-approved for bonus points by ElliptiGO prior to the event date. Approval can be achieved by emailing with details regarding the event/efforts
  • Donations are made to a valid charity from which the fundraiser, or relatives of, receive no direct compensation/salary
  • Proof of donation amount is provided to ElliptiGO
  • The event is covered by a form of media (print, television, radio) and a copy of/link to that media coverage is provided to ElliptiGO for promotional purposes

How do I submit a completed event? How do I submit a completed event? If you rode your ElliptiGO in a qualifying event, you can submit it through the form on this Event page.

How do I find an event?You can click the "Featured Events" button on this page for a list of our "Featured Events", which earn bonus points. Or, to find other rides in your area, the best way is to search the interactive map or online. Here are a couple of links to some websites that have good lists of events across the country: and

How do I become a Pacer?It varies by event, but the best place to start is with the race organizer. Often they are looking for volunteers on bikes to pace their running events. ×

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Earning Points  
How do I get points for a cycling event?
How do I get points for pacing a running event?
Points Table

How do I get points for a cycling event?
  1. Complete an official/featured cycling event on your ElliptiGO.
  2. Submit the event details through the GOTM online form
  3. Upload your ride to Strava or post GPS data to social media with an ElliptiGO tag*
  4. Email the following items to
    Link to event website and registration confirmation
    bullet A photo of you & your ElliptiGO in front of event signage**
  5. Additional items are needed for the submission of impact events.
  6. Please submit the following items to
    bullet Donation certificate verifying: your name, the name of the receiving charity and the dollar amount donated
    bullet Copy of/link to media coverage for fundraiser/event.

How do I get points for pacing a running event?
  1. Prior to your pacing event, please email
  2. After the event, submit the event details through the GOTM online form
  3. Upload your ride to Strava or post GPS data to social media with an ElliptiGO tag*
  4. Email the following items to
    bullet Link to event website
    bullet An email confirmation from the race director that you successfully completed your race pacing duties
    bullet A photo of you & your ElliptiGO in front of event signage**

*If you do not have a GPS-enabled device, you may submit a document signed by a race official stating that you completed the event. Note that most smartphones are GPS-enabled and there are a variety of apps (such as Strava) that will track and upload the details of a ride for you.

**Submission of a photo grants an irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to ElliptiGO to use that photo for marketing/promotional materials.

Points Table

Use the guide below to calculate the number of points you will earn by completing an event. Once you have submitted your event and received email confirmation, check the GOTM Leaderboard to see your point total and rank increase throughout the year!

Ride in a Qualifying Event
25 points* + 1 point per mile ridden in the event

*For events that take place over multiple days, the rider will only receive 25 event points once, unless the events are independently run from each other, but will receive 1 point per mile for the accumulated distance rode throughout the event. i.e. The Winter Classic would earn 25 pre-mileage points for both days.

Bonus Points
Featured Event = 25 bonus points - View Featured Events Calendar -
Example: Haleakala= 25 + 36 (mileage) + 25 = 86 pts.

GO10 Event = 50 bonus points Example: Winter Classic = 25 + 10 (day 1 mileage) + 20 (day 2 mileage) + 25 (featured event*) + 50 (GO10 event) = 130pts.

*Featured event points and GO10 points are allowed to be double-dipped.

Impact Event = TBD (bonus points allocated based on amount of money raised & donated)
Email to pre-approve your impact event

Pace an Event
Get bonus points for being an official pace vehicle in a running event
5k - 15k = 25 bonus points
Half Marathon = 50 bonus points
Marathon = 75 bonus points (Example: Marathon= 25 + 26 (mileage) + 75 = 126 pts.)


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Featured Events  

2015 Featured Event Calendar

*Events in BOLD have an "ElliptiGO" category set up*
**Listed GOTM points are independent of 50 additional bonus pts. available through classification as a GO10 Event**





GOTM Points

17- 18
ElliptiGO Winter Classic  Phoenix, AZ An ElliptiGO One-Mile Challenge on a closed course at Talking Stick on Saturday. We'll do a group ride on Sunday and ride 20 miles of the Apache Wash Trailhead.
Event Page
60 pts. for Saturday
80 pts. for Sat & Sun
March 22 Fargo Street Hill Climb Los Angeles, CA Hill repeats up Fargo Street: A short climb up one of the 10 steepest streets in the U.S. with a 33% grade.
Event Page
50 + no. of climbs
April 25 Burnsville Metric Burnsville and Brevard,
On the last Saturday of April, a 60.7-mile, scenic ride in Yancey and Mitchell counties.
Event Page
111 pts.
May 2 Calvin's Challenge Springfield, OH 6hr or 12hr timed ride, or 100-mile timed century. Calvin's has created an ElliptiGO-only category for each of the 3 rides.
Event Page
50 + mileage
May 2-3 ElliptiGO Spring Fling Ipswich/Essex, MA Saturday - 5 mile timed race event. Sunday - Casual 20M Group Ride & Brunch
55 pts. for Saturday
75 pts. for Sat & Sun
May 3 TD Five Boro Bike Tour New York, NY A 40-mile, traffic-free tour through all 5 boroughs. An incredible way to see New York City.
Event Page
90 pts.
June 7 Wiggle Dragon Devil Ride Port Talbot, Wales 300km ride with a 3,437m climb, including the recently-added 'Devil's Staircase, with a 15% gradient and elevation of 480m.
Event Page
236 pts.
June 14 ElliptiGO Benelux Championships Amsterdam The course is on a broad, race-style 2.5km cycling track. The race will consist of 17 laps with one gradual rise over the entrance road each lap to allow for the closed, traffic-free course. FAST times can be expected!
Event Page
76 pts.
June 27 Cycle to the Sun
Maui, HI Climb 10,000 feet over 36 miles with gradients up to 18%, as you ride from sea-level to the top of the Haleakala Volcano.
Event Page
86 pts.
July 11 Newton's Revenge
(Mt. Washington)
Pinkham Notch, NH "The toughest hill climb in the world." Take on the 7.6-mile climb up the Mt. Washington Auto Road with average grades from 12 - 22%.
Event Page
58 pts.
July 11 Death Ride Markleeville, CA 129 Miles. 15,000+ ft of climbing. 5 Passes A super-challenging course in the California Alps.
Event Page
179 pts.
July 11 Seattle to Portland Seattle, WA 200+ mile bicycle ride through the scenic valleys, forests, and farmlands of western Washington and Oregon.
Event Page
253 pts.
July 12 Manchester to Blackpool 60mi Sportive Manchester, UK 60mi Sportive starting at Manchester United's Football Ground at Old Trafford going along country lanes to the finish on the South Promenade in Blackpool, where riders can enjoy a barbecue, live music and a well-earned massage.
Event Page
110 pts.
July 19-26 Ragbrai Rock Valley, IA A 6-day ride. With 462 miles and nearly 16,000 feet of climb, the 2015 ride falls in the middle of the road for difficulty.
Event Page
516 pts.
July 25 Mt. Evans Hill Climb Idaho Springs, CO Climb 27.3 miles and more than 6500 ft. to the Mt. Evans summit at 14,624 ft.
Event Website
78 pts.
August 1 Prudential Ride London Freecycle London, England A brilliant opportunity to get the whole family together to experience the fun and freedom of cycling on traffic-free roads in central London.
Event Website
50 pts. + Mileage
Mt. Washington Auto Road
Bicycle Hillclimb
Pinkham Notch, NH Your third opportunity to take on "The Toughest Hill Climb in the World." A 7.6-mile climb up the Mt. Washington Auto Road with average grades from 12 - 22%.
Event Page
58 pts.
Paris-Brest-Paris Paris, France Begin on the southern side of Paris, travel west 600 kilometers to the port city of Brest on the Atlantic Ocean and return along the same route, all within 90 hours.
Event Page
795 pts.
Hotter'N Hell 100 Dallas, TX 100-mile, 100k, 50-mile, 25-mile, and 10k routes in Dallas, TX. Ride through Hell's Gate on the 100-miler.
Event Page
150 pts.
TBD Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb Colorado Springs, CO Climb 12.4 miles and more than 4700 ft. to the summit of Pikes Peak at 14,115 ft.
Event Page
63 pts.
ElliptiGO European Championships Aix-les-Bains, France A 13-mile ride up Mont Revard. You do not need to be an elite athlete to enjoy this hill challenge but you need to be fit and well trained! Aix-les-Bains makes a lovely holiday destination for the whole family.
Event Page
63 pts.
Tour de Greenwich Greenwich, CT A 20-mile ride through the majestic back country of Greenwich. The Tour offers participants a race-style timed event with 4 select heats.
Event Page
70 pts.
The Ride to Conquer Cancer
Sydney, AUS Cover Sydney in this 2-day 200km (100km per day) event. If you can't make this event, be sure to check out the partner events in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne (dates vary).
Event Page
173 pts.
ElliptiGO World Champs
ElliptiGO Rally Ride
San Diego, CA Saturday's World Championships event is a climb up Palomar Mountain followed by afternoon Rally group rides for everyone and a casual reception at ElliptiGO HQ.
Event Page
73 pts. for Palomar
88 pts. for Palomar + Rally
The MS Sydney to Gong Bike Ride
Sydney, AUS Cycle the 58km course or the full 90km from Sydney to Wollongong with 10,000 other cyclists.
Event Page
106 pts.
86 pts.
Tour de Foothills Claremont, CA 72-, and 100-mile GMR Challenge routes on Glendora Mountain
Event Page
150 pts.
Lake Taupo Challenge
New Zealand The Lake Taupor Cycling Challenge is well known for its 160km Bike Barn Solo, a one lap circumnavigation of Lake Taupo, but this is just one of 20 event categories, with both Road and Mountain Bike options for individuals and teams, catering to all levels of cycling and fitness abilities.
Event Page
150 pts. for Bike Barn Solo