Event and Rider Locator MapGet on the Map...Get the Points...Get the Gear!

The Event & Rider Locator map below tracks all the official events and challenges that ElliptiGO riders have completed, from quick 5-mile sprints to month-long riding streaks to grueling 200+ mile endurance events. Additionally, you will find pins with contact information for ElliptiGO riders across the country to help you connect with other owners in your community for rides and events.

All challenge participants will automatically have a "Challenge" pin added to the map in their name upon completion of the challenge. To find out more about the GOTM challenges, visit the GOTM homepage. If you would also like the events you have ridden in to be included on the Map, please fill out the form on the GOTM Events Page.

If you would like your individual contact information to be available to those searching for riding partners in your area, please fill out the Rider Locator Form (right).


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