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Minimalism and recovery rule the day in new devices for runners


There's no denying that the minimalist trend has taken the running shoe market by storm. Now the less-is-more simplicity movement has also pervaded our accessories, like watches and travel items. And for those who might have jumped on the under-shod bandwagon too quickly, this gadget review also features some excellent new devices that assist in recovery and recuperation.


Gadgets can't help you run better, but a variety of new technologies have been applied to recovering faster or more effectively, if only to tell you that you'd better rest or risk injury, or provide interesting ways to get on the road without the pounding of running.

ElliptiGO $2,200

Sometimes you just want to go somewhere and be outside without the impact of running or the positioning of cycling. Offering the upright stance of running, the ElliptiGO is an interesting twist because, whereas treadmills, stair climbers and exercise bikes are imitations of life, the ElliptiGO is life imitating a piece of exercise equipment. Once you get over the dork factor, the ElliptiGO is surprisingly intuitive and easy to operate and maneuver as the shifters and brakes work like those bicycles. Riding the ElliptiGO feels like a cross between an exercise machine and a Segway. For those who don't like biking or being inside, the ElliptiGO is a worthy cross-training supplement.



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