ElliptiGO Service Technician

Service and Maintenance


Inspection Sheet

Please click here for an inspection sheet. This details the parts of the equipment that you should inspect before selling the ElliptiGO to a customer. 



Please view this video for our 4-points service checklist to keep your demo 8C in great riding condition.


Troubleshooting Guide

This guide includes quick fixes for the most common technical questions about the ElliptiGO. Please click here to download the Troubleshooting Guide.


Dealer Service Packet

This service packet contains a ton of useful service information including: "Warranty vs. Non-Warranty" guidelines, a list of recommended tools for ElliptiGO inspection and service, and a copy of the inspection sheet. Please click here to download the Dealer Service Packet.


Unpacking + Assembly Videos

Here are some videos that detail how to unpack and assemble the bike:


Re-packing + Shipping Instructions

Here are instructions and videos showing you how to re-pack the ElliptiGO for shipment:


Basic Support and Maintenance Videos

If you or your customers are looking for basic support and maintenance for the bike, please click here for some videos.


Warranty and Owner's Manual

For the complete warranty and owner’s manual, please click here.


Additional Service Inquiries

For any other service-related questions, please contact  service@elliptigo.com


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