ElliptiGO athletes

ElliptiGO cross-training speeds return to competitive running

Kyle Merber is a professional middle distance runner whose primary goal for the 2016 season was to qualify for the Rio Olympics in the 1500m. But when he suffered a sacral stress reaction that took him away from running for a full five weeks, he began cross-training on an ElliptiGO elliptical bike. The fitness he built up allowed him to salvage the season and still qualify for and compete in the Olympic Trials final.

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Jim Hansen

So Much Depends Upon …

In the Mathare Valley slum of Nairobi, Kenya, people are poor. Many children can’t even attend school. That is where people like ElliptiGO rider Jim Hansen come in. Hansen, a fifth grade teacher in New Hampshire, has made several trips to Kenya to help the teachers and schools, and he sponsors students through fundraising.

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Brian Pilcher with ElliptiGO

Masters Runner Uses ElliptiGO to Rehab; Breaks World & National Records

In the 2016 Chicago Marathon, after making ElliptiGO rides an integral part of his training, Brian Pilcher rewrote the record books as he passed through nearly every major checkpoint, establishing new U.S. 60–64 marks for the half marathon, 25K and 30K.

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Plotting ElliptiGO route

GO Long, GO for Good

In just two years, Lamorna Brown Swigart has gone from someone who admittedly was not fit or athletically inclined, to riding her ElliptiGO bike more than 1100 miles from Oregon to Mexico. As she ticks off longer and bigger athletic challenges, she also raises funds for charities in her quest to "GO for Good."

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New Rider Enjoying His “Ultimate” Bike

John Van Barriger won our “Ultimate Marathon Pack” bike giveaway earlier this year. We checked in with him recently to see how he’s enjoying his new ElliptiGO Arc.

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ElliptiGO riders in Central Park

ElliptiGO Community Supports Rider in 6800-mile Odyssey

Tim Woodier, from Abergavenny, Wales (UK), rode a borrowed ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle throughout an 87-day, 6800-mile odyssey that took him through Canada and 23 states in the eastern half of the United States. Throughout his self-supported trip, he relied on the community of ElliptiGO owners for lodging, food and entertaining diversions from the road.

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Bruno Pollet

Rider Climbs Mountain; Builds a Community

Following the spirit of Sir Edmund Hillary, Bruno Pollet set off in July to be the first person to climb the Col du Tourmalet on an ElliptiGO Arc. “I asked myself, ‘Why not test the Arc on it?’ I thought it would be quite the challenge.”

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Special Bike Found a True “Loving Home”

Will Billau is the fortunate winner of our “Loving Home” bike giveaway. We re-connected with him a few months after he received his "new" bike to get his thoughts about the experience with this very special bike.

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Stu Blofeld finishes WAWA

Blofeld Rides Longest Coastal Road in the World – in 7 Days

For many people, riding a bicycle 1300 miles (2100km) would be a very good year. Stuart Blofeld rode that distance in just over seven days to complete the first-ever Wild Atlantic Way Audax (WAWA), a timed event that runs the length of the longest coastal road in the world, skirting the entire western coast of Ireland.

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