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Elites & Teams

From Olympic marathoners to boxers, professional soccer teams to collegiate track programs, world-class athletes from a variety of disciplines have incorporated the ElliptiGO into their training. They are part of a growing list of elite athletes who use the ElliptiGO as a low-impact running substitute and the ultimate cross-training tool.

Julie Culley: 2012 Olympian, 5K
Alysia Montaño: 2012 Olympian, 800m
Mary Decker Slaney: 2x Olympian, 3K, 5K
Adam Goucher: 2000 Olympian, 5K
Magda Lewy Boulet: 200 Olympian, Marathon
Shannon Rowbury: 2x Olympian, 1500m
Geena Gall: 2012 Olympian, 10K
Jorge Torres: 2008 Olympian, 10K
Bayano Kamani: 2008 Olympian, 400m Hurdles
Roisin McGettigan: 2008 Irish Olympian, 3K Steeplechase
Michael Gostigian: x Olympian, Modern Pentathlon
Tony Jeffries: 2008 UK Olympic Bronze Medalist, Boxing
Pippa Wilson: 2008 UK Olympic GOld Medalist, Sailing
Steve Cyr: 3x Canadian Olympian, Biathlon

Professional/ Collegiate Teams:
Boston Celtics
San Jose Earthquakes: MLS Soccer Team
Stanford University
Grand Valley State University
San Francisco State University
Rice University
Portland State University
University of Nevada at Reno
Team USA Minnesota
Team Run Eugene
Run Providence
Everton Football Club: UK Premiership Soccer Team
Hannover 96: German Premier Soccer Team

Multisport Athletes:
Julie Dibens: 3x Xterra Triathlon World Champion
Ben Greenfield: 2011 ITU Long Distance World Champion
Paul Thomas: 2x USAT Duathlete of the YEar
Robyn Benincasa: 2x Adventure Racing World Champion

Elite Runners:
Lauren Fleshman: 2006 & 2010 US National Champion, 5K
Dean Karnazes: 2006 Badwater Ultramarathon Winner
Josh Cox: US 50K Record-Holder
Chelsea Reilly: 2012 USA Road 10K Champion
Molly Pritz: 2011 USATF 25K Champion
Ed Morgan: 2:11 Marathoner
Craig Leon: 2:15 Marathoner
Charlotte Browning: 2010 NCAA 1500m and Mile Champion
Sara Slattery: 2x NCAA Champion, 5K, 10K
Steve Slattery: 2003 USA Outdoor Champion, Steeplechase
Elliot Heath: 2011 NCAA Champion, 3K
Neely Spence: 8x NCAA DII National Champion
Betsy Graney: 2012 NCAA DII Track Athlete of the Year
Rachel Patterson: 3x NCAA DII Champion
Mike Sayenko: 2x Pacific NW Runner of the Year
Nicole Blood: 9x All-American, 3K, 5K, 10K
Katie Mackey: 8x All-American, Cross Country, Mile
Dena Dey Evans: 3x All-American
Jamie Cheever: 3x All-American, Steeplechase
Catha Mullen, 2x All American, 5K
Lache Bailey: 2x All-American Runner
Matt Llano: all-America, 10K
Brendan Brazier: 2x Canadian 50K Champion
Stephanie Rothstein: 2:29 Marathoner
Sarah Tunstall: UK Mountain Running Medalist

Elite Masters Runners:
Pete Magill: Masters Running World Record Holder
Christian Cushing-Murray: 2012 USATF Masters Cross-Country Champion
Simon Gutierrez: 3x World Masters Mountain Running Champion
Mark Gomes: 2011 USATF Masters 800m Champion
Mike Dyon: 2x Canadian Marathon Champion
Bruce Raymer: Canadian Marathon Champion
Susan Loken: 4x USATF Masters US Marathon Champion
Rusty Snow: 2011 USATF Masters Cross Country Championship, 2nd
Jaymee Marty: 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials Competitor
Darcy Arreola Lange: 3x NCAA DII Champion, 3K, Cross-Country
Jenny Hadfield

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