Every Day in May
Can You GO The Distance?
Introducing the first ElliptiGO Get On The Map Challenge: EVERY DAY IN MAY. Complete the Challenge by riding your ElliptiGO each day during the month of May and you’ll earn a ton of GOTM points. Think you can GO the distance?

How far do I have to ride each day?
There are three different challenge levels to choose from: 5 miles, 10 miles and 20 miles per day. You can move down a level at any time, so if you start at 10 miles per day and conclude that’s too much after a week, you can start doing 5 miles per day and complete the Challenge at that level. Also, you can miss up to three days during the month and complete up to three rides on an indoor trainer or stationary machine, so no need to fret about a business trip or a few rainy days ending your streak.

How many points can I earn?
A lot. If you successfully complete the 5-mile Challenge, you’ll earn 150 points. Completing the 10-mile Challenge will get you 350 points, and completing the 20-mile Challenge will earn you 750 points. That’s equivalent to doing 6 century rides and is enough to earn you the coveted GOTM riding jacket! Check out the Get On The Map page to see what other rewards you can earn with your points.

How do I join the Challenge?
You must register for the Challenge no later than April 30th. All you need to do is complete the entry form on this page AND join the ElliptiGO Club on Strava so you can upload your rides.

How do I successfully complete the Challenge?
To earn your GOTM points, you’ll need to ride your ElliptiGO at least the prescribed distance (5, 10 or 20 miles) on no fewer than 28 days in May. If you skip a day, you’ll have to make up the difference so that you end up averaging at least the prescribed distance for all 31 days. You’ll also need to upload your rides each week on Sunday by midnight Pacific time so we can update the Challenge rider board on this page.

Where’s the fine print and additional details?
Click on the red "Challenge Guidelines" button above for the fine print and additional details. If you have specific questions, please email challenge@elliptigo.com.

Can you…GO…all…the…MAY?
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Challenge Guidelines
1. Challenge participants must register by April 30 by doing BOTH of the following:
        • Completing the entry form on the Every Day in May webpage
        • Joining the ElliptiGO Club on Strava

2. All but three (3) rides must be done outside on an ElliptiGO. You can do up to three (3) rides
    indoors on an ElliptiGO in a stationary trainer or on an elliptical machine. Indoor rides will
    be based on time to get to the appropriate level as per the following:
        • 5mi challenge level = 30min on an indoor trainer/elliptical
        • 10mi challenge level = 60min on an indoor trainer/elliptical
        • 20mi challenge level = 120min on an indoor trainer/elliptical

    If you choose to do a ride indoors, you must upload the ride manually to Strava and email
    us at challenge@elliptigo.com. No cheating.

3. Riders are allowed up to three non-riding days called “NO-GOs”. Riders who fail to ride on
    four or more days will be removed from the challenge and unable to earn GOTM points.
    In the event a rider has one or more NO-GO days, the rider must “make up” the difference
    so that the rider ends up averaging at least the prescribed distance for all 31 days. So, all
    5-mile riders must ride at least 5 miles on no fewer than 28 days during the month and
    ride at least 155 miles in total for the month.

4. You can upload rides at any time during the week, but all rides for a given week must be
    uploaded to the ElliptiGO Strava Club no later than midnight Pacific Time each Sunday.
    Late submissions will be allowed, but will cost one NO-GO per day the entry is late.

5. To be clear, participants will not receive a point per mile that they actually ride, instead,
    they will be awarded a fixed number of points for completing the challenge at a
    given level according to the following:
        • 150 points for successfully completing the 5-mile level
        • 350 points for successfully completing the 10-mile level
        • 750 points for successfully completing the 20-mile level

6. What if I have to travel, get sick, there’s dangerous weather, etc.?
    That’s why we allow three indoor workouts and three “NO-GOs.” If extenuating
    circumstances prohibit you from riding outdoors for more than 3 days during the month,
    then you can apply for additional indoor training days, which may be awarded on a case by
    case basis. Contact challenge@elliptigo.com to discuss.