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Get on the Map … Get the Points … Get the GEAR!

Get on the Map (GOTM) 2015 has concluded and we must say … way to GO! We had such an incredible turnout this year for challenges, events and getting “on the map.” From completion of the Every Day in May Challenge to participation in the ElliptiGO Rally Weekend to fundraising rides like Circle the Bay for Breast Cancer Research, we were impressed. Not only did our riders challenge themselves, but they conquered those challenges.

As a result of their efforts, 216 riders earned enough points to receive exclusive GOTM gear. Those orders have been processed and are on the way!

GOing into 2016, we anticipate announcing some changes to the GOTM program. Therefore, if you do participate in any official events, serve as the lead pacer for a running event, or organize a fundraising event prior to that announcement, keep track of your rides and distance. You may have the opportunity to submit them at a future date.

In addition, we hope that any of you who are new to this program will join the ElliptiGLOBE by getting yourself on the map as a member of the growing ElliptiGO Community. Simply fill out the Rider Locator Form to submit your location to the map, and we’ll get it uploaded at a date in the near future. Doing so will help you find other riders and help other riders find you! As we all know, it’s great to GO solo, but even better with a buddy. Find someone nearby and meet up for regular rides, or start a local riding club!

For those of you looking for a new challenge this year, or hoping to join in on the fun of participating in an official event, visit the map to see all of the events that ElliptiGO riders have completed so far and to locate other riders in your area. With over 15,000 ElliptiGOs on the road now, chances are that there will be other ElliptiGO riders at those events again this year, or potentially living right down the street! If you’d like to propose a new group event or coordinate a meet-up at an event already on the map, we recommend posting to our private Facebook group and Strava group to see who else might be interested. We know you’ll get a taker or two.

If you have any questions about the 2015 GOTM program or on how to post/locate riders on the map, please email: gotm@elliptigo.com.

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