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ElliptiGO Get On The Map

Get on the Map … Get the Points … Get the GEAR!

Get on the Map (GOTM) is back, and we want to give away even more exclusive gear this year than last! Join the ElliptiGLOBE by getting yourself on the map as a member of the growing ElliptiGO Community. In doing so, you’ll earn points towards exclusive rewards only available through the GOTM program. Plus, this year we are giving you even more opportunities to Get on the Map, Get the Points and Get the GEAR!

Getting Mapped

The first way to earn points towards GOTM is to do just that…get on the map! By listing your city, state and contact information of choice, you can get a pin on the map and 25 starter points. Fill out the Rider Locator Form on the GOTM page to submit your location to the map. Already have a pin on the map? Don’t worry, you can still earn points. Simply submit the form on the GOTM page to get your 25 points added to this year’s total!


Ride your ElliptiGO bike in an official event, tell us about it, and you’ll earn points and get a pin on the map! With an expanded list of Featured Events and the addition of Impact Events and GO10 Events, you’ll have even more opportunities to earn bonus points. Check out the Events Page to learn more about how event points are tallied. Click on the map to the right to see all of the events that ElliptiGO riders have completed so far and to locate other riders in your area.


We are a competitive group here at ElliptiGO, constantly trying to come up with new ways to push ourselves. As a result, some of the first ElliptiGO Challenges were born. These challenges started as a desire to push our personal limits; however, we quickly discovered the benefits of pushing those limits alongside each other. Through our ElliptiGO Challenges, we hope to inspire others around the ElliptiGLOBE to push their limits alongside us in 2015. We now have four different challenges planned throughout the year:


Visit each of our Challenge pages by clicking on the name to find out how to register, participate and complete the challenge…and in return, earn lots of points! Get on the Map…Get the Points…Get the Gear. To help you keep track of your hard-earned points, we have constructed The Riderboard on the right-hand side of this page. The Riderboard has a running tally of point totals for all 2015 GOTM riders and, at the end of the season, you can use your points to get jackets, jerseys and other unique rewards. The 2015 GOTM season runs from September 29, 2014 through the end of the ElliptiGO World Championship Weekend, Oct. 18, 2015. Both The Riderboard and the Map will be updated frequently and will reflect the most recent update of entries by the date at the top. Last year, 360 riders qualified to earn GOTM rewards, will you be among them in 2015?

If you have any questions about the GOTM program or on how to post/locate riders on the map, please refer to the “GOTM Details” button to the right. For all other questions, please email:

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