The ElliptiGO has revolutionized the way world-class and recreational runners alike are approaching their training. By integrating the ElliptiGO, runners everywhere are staying healthy, training smarter and running faster.

In 2014, we put this concept to the test with the inaugural ElliptiGO PR:Initiative. After the amazing testimonials and successes stories that resulted, we are excited to be working towards the launch of the next PR Project in Spring 2015. Here is some of the feedback we received from our inaugural program's participants ...

"[The ElliptiGO] Permitted more "running" per week than my body would tolerate otherwise. It got me ready to set my personal best half marathon time."
-Greg Kline

"The ElliptiGO is a great cross training tool for any runner who wants to add on mileage without the impact. It feels and works like running, but without the pounding. I loved how varied the workouts were, and how much fun it was over the weeks."
-Rebecca Reid

"Thanks for helping me with my training. I won my age group in all 10 races I ran!"
-Tom Dickie

"As a cross training tool, nothing is better (or more fun)."
- Henry Wigglesworth

"As an older runner, one that has been running for 34 years and one that is competitive, the hardest obstacle to over come is a day without running. Once I started using the ElliptiGO, not only was it fun, but I realized that I could maintain my fitness level with less days of pounding my legs into injury territory. I could do hills, speed work and long rides without the worry of "am I losing" quality training. The GO if used properly is quality training."
-Gregg Gerber

"The Elliptigo simulates running in more aspects than any other cross training method. Plus, you get the outdoor experience the same as running, possibly even more exhilarating than running."
-Diane Lindsey

86% of PRI Participants responding said they were "Very Pleased" with their ElliptiGO Purchase, McMillan training plan and the PR:Initiative Program.

100% of PRI Participants responding said they would recommend the ElliptiGO to other runners.

Believe the clock.

Stay tuned for updates and details on the launch of the next PR Project ...

"Don't wait until you get injured to get on it. If you can stay healthy and consistent, you will perform. The results speak for themselves."

- Meb Keflezighi
  2014 Boston Marathon Champion
  2009 NYC Marathon Champion
  2004 Olympic Silver Medalist

Testimonials"In June, with the advice of my personal coach at McMillan Running, I integrated the ElliptiGO into my training. In the fall, at the age of 52, I set lifetime PRs in the 5K and Half Marathon."
John Burmester - Davis, CA

"My cross-training on the ElliptiGO enabled me to run a PR by 5 minutes at the 2013 NYC marathon."
Nick King - New York, NY

"I set a PR at the RNR AZ ½ by almost 5 minutes! I have gotten faster because I cross-train on the ElliptiGO."
Robert Hoxie - Phoenix, AZ

"I set a lifetime PR in the Half Marathon and also qualified for Boston, running 3x/week and ElliptiGOing 3x/week."
Bryce Whiting - Encinitas, CA

"Since incorporating the ElliptiGO, I have improved my PR in the 1/2 marathon by 7 minutes and my marathon time by
30 minutes!"
Stuart Blofeld - Bedfordshire, UK