The ultimate cross-training tool for runners

Current, former and injured runners all use ElliptiGO elliptical bikes to experience the joy of running – without the negative effects of impact. Athletes of all ages and abilities use elliptical cycling to stay healthy, avoid injuries, improve endurance and keep going when the pain of impact becomes too much. Whether you are healthy and looking to take your running to the next level or suffering from medical conditions ranging from stress fractures to hip and knee pain to tendonitis or arthritis, elliptical cycling will give you the freedom and fitness you are looking for.


Run-Specific Fitness

Whether you are a healthy, injured or former runner, ElliptiGO elliptical bikes allow you to achieve the fitness and feeling of running – without the impact. Studies at both the University of California – San Diego EPARC and Ohio University found ElliptiGO elliptical bikes elicited comparable heart rate, metabolic and physiological effects as run-training, making it easy to translate running workouts using just time and intensity. See the reports and learn how to integrate an ElliptiGO bike into your training to stay fit during injury, remain healthy for consistent training and reach new levels of performance.


What the Experts are Saying

“Finally, a device that taught me to love cross-training.” – Runner’s World

“You can satisfy your love of running without the pounding.” – Competitor

“I had no problems using this on non-running days and even on days where I felt the impact from earlier runs was doing a number on my legs and feet. The workout you get from the ElliptiGO Arc is nothing short of legit.” – Brandon Wood for Gearist.com

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Extended Your Running Life

Runners of all levels and abilities, from recreational to elite to masters, and even former runners, are using ElliptiGO bikes to extend their running life. Feel the runner’s high and get all the cardiovascular benefits of run-training without putting the stress of impact on your body. Aches, pains and injuries don’t have to slow you down or make you stop. Keep GOing with ElliptiGO-integrated training.

See how other runners like you are managing their injuries and medical conditions

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“My favorite part about riding the ElliptiGO is the endorphin rush. It’s just like running.”– Loren Walden – San Diego, CA

“It works the same muscles but it doesn’t bother my knee like running sometimes does.”
Bree Groves – Dallas, TX

“Being stuck indoors on the elliptical would just be so boring – the ElliptiGO is exhilarating and fun.”
Paul Masi – Westlake Village, CA


Run Faster & Train Like the Pro

Dozens of elite runners train on ElliptiGO bikes to get faster and stay healthy. Learn how these athletes incorporate elliptical cycling into their training. You too can use an ElliptiGO bike as part of your own training regimen. View and download training programs and tips from top running coaches Jenny Hadfield, Greg McMillan and Darren Brown. Programs are available for all abilities and distances from the 5K through the marathon.

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What Elite Runners Are Saying

“The best cross-training device I’ve ever used, bar-none.” –Dean Karnazes – Winner, Badwater Ultramarathon

“Don’t wait till you get injured to get on an ElliptiGO. If you can stay consistent and healthy, you will perform. The results speak for themselves!” – Meb Keflezighi – Olympic Silver Medalist, 2009 NYC Marathon Champion, 2014 Boston Marathon Champion

“Exceptional performance, especially when climbing hills.”
– Josh Cox – 50K American Record Holder

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