Accessory Installation Instructions

Road Repair Kit
There are two locations that people commonly install the road repair kit. The most common place is under the top tube tucked up near the front of the bike. For this location you only have to use one strap to attach the kit. You would wrap the large strap in the center of the bag around the top tube (the words on the side of the bag will be upside-down).

The next place that people commonly place the kit is under the stem, up near the handlebars (again, the words will be upside-down). For this location you will utilize both straps of the bag. The larger, central strap goes around the stem and the other strap, on the tip of the bag, goes around the steerer tube extender.

Water Bottle Mount
This will clamp onto either side of your handlebars and steering column. For a video demonstration, please click here.

Planet Blinky Tail Light
We recommend mounting the tail light where the rear reflector is. Use a Philips head screwdriver to loosen the rear reflector and slide it back along the frame tubing towards the front wheel. There should be just enough room to install the taillight. Next, detach the small mounting bracket from the light mount. You will need the larger diameter mounting bracket. Use the longer screw found in the box to attach the bracket and light mount to the frame of the ElliptiGO, in front of the rear reflector. After securing the mount, slide the light into place.

Blinky Head Light
This can be mounted on either side of the handlebars. Use one of the black rubber shims for best fit and tighten the mount using a Philips head screwdriver. Slide the light into place.

NiteRider Lumina Head Light
Attach the head light to the handlebars and tighten using the adjustment screw.

Toe Cages
Installation of toe cages requires a 4mm allen wrench. Please refer to the video installation for each model:

Installing Toe Cages on the 3C
Installing Toe Cages on the 8C
Installing Toe Cages on the 8S
Installing Toe Cages on the 11R

Topeak Mini Morph Pump
Attaches to frame tubing over rear wheel (where it says “grab here”) or along the frame tubing in the middle of the ElliptiGO between the plastic mudguard and frame. Use the included cable ties to secure the pump to the frame.

Gordo Trunk Rack with Modification Kit
Watch the video on how to install the Gordo Trunk Rack.

Please note that this rack can be used on most SUVs and sedans, however, it will not work on the tailgate of a pickup truck or on a vehicle with an external spare tire mounted on the rear door.

Visit Hollywood Racks website to see if the Gordo Trunk Rack will fit on your vehicle.

The included modification kit is designed specifically for use of the ElliptiGO and enables the user to cleanly slide the ElliptiGO straight onto the rack, but it does involve removing the original cradles and bump sleeves. The next link below is to a video that shows how to modify the Gordo trunk rack to better fit the ElliptiGO. Please note, these changes are permanent modifications to the rack and once these modifications have been made, we cannot honor a return of the product.

Please make sure you are comfortable using the rack itself before making the modifications. Watch our video.

Custom Sport Rider Heavy Duty Hitch Rack 1450R
Download instructions for installing the Custom Sport Rider Hitch Rack.

To load your ElliptiGO, remove the front wheel, then place the ElliptiGO so the rear wheel is in the u-shaped wheel holder and then lock your fork to the fork mount. The fork mount secures the ElliptiGO to the rack and Velcro wheel straps secure the rear wheel in the u-shaped wheel holder.

The Custom Sport Rider Heavy Duty 2″ Rack DOES NOT work with a 1.25″ hitch receiver. For 1.25″ hitch rack solutions, please email us.

Before purchasing this hitch rack, we highly recommend checking with your car manufacturer to determine whether your car will accept a hitch receiver. Visit this page of the Hollywood Racks website to see if the Gordo Trunk Rack will fit on your vehicle. Also, we’ve found that the hitch rack is not compatible with some SUVs with swing-gate rear doors, SUVs with external spare tires on the rear doors, as well as some RVs and campers.