Bryan’s Top Ten Memories From 10 Years Of World Champs

Bryan's Top Ten Memories From 10 Years Of World Champs

If you haven’t met Dick Whiting, you are missing out. He lives in Massachusetts, but has been out for most, if not all, of the races we have held. Early on he secured the role of ensuring that everyone makes the turn from the 76 onto South Grade Road. Taking his role seriously while still having fun with it, as Dick Whiting does, he has worn the brightest neon pink and neon yellow polo shirts there are in existence to make sure that no rider misses him. No rider, of course, could miss him waving enthusiastically at the intersection and yelling instructions to “turn left.” He is a welcome sight every year and always has cheerful words of encouragement for each rider as they go by. Thinking about Dick’s enthusiasm at the turn makes me realize that he really embodies the spirit of all of the people who have supported the past nine races as timers, gear haulers, “aid station” supporters, videographers, photographers, support riders, and SAG vehicles. We couldn’t run the race without these folks getting up at 4AM and getting out to the mountain to help out. Thank you to everyone who has supported the past 9 iterations of this race, and thank you to Dick for being the most distinctive of them all.

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