Bryan’s Top Ten Memories From 10 Years Of World Champs

Bryan's Top Ten Memories From 10 Years Of World Champs

It doesn’t matter what kind of shape I am in, the weather, or how the race has unfolded for me, there are few feelings as good as the one I get when I come around that last bend in the road and finally spot the finish line. That is the first time in the race when I feel certain that I am going to finish. Usually, this feeling comes after 30 – 60 minutes of pushing through a combination of exhaustion, pretty miserable self-talk and the contemplation of quitting; so the relief and joy I get from finally knowing that I’m going to achieve the task and get to the top is tough to describe. As everyone who has done Palomar knows, it is a really, really tough climb. That is what makes this event special. Someday I won’t be able to make it to the top. Until then, I plan to cross as many finish lines as I can. I’m hoping for #10 on Saturday.

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