Bryan’s Top Ten Memories From 10 Years Of World Champs

Bryan's Top Ten Memories From 10 Years Of World Champs

About a week before the 2012 race, Bryce asked me to switch some guy named Rusty from the middle group to the fastest group in the race. This was his first year racing and I didn’t know anything about Rusty Snow; so when we were slotting people into time slots, I had put him in the middle group thinking he was going to finish around 1:30 or 1:40. He called Bryce and suggested that he “might” be able to hang with the “fast guys” and asked if we could start him with the last group. We had a really strong field that year, so I was resistant to the change. Bryce really advocated for him and I eventually relented. Of course, Rusty went on to beat the previous champion and a couple of Olympians that year, capturing his first of seven world championship titles. As a result of his unbelievable success in this race, I sometimes refer to the World Championships as the “Rusty Snow Invitational.”

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