EllitpiGO Rider Emma Featured In Children's Book

ElliptiGO Rider Emma Featured In Children’s Book

Emma made an awe-inspiring 4,900+ mile (8,000 kilometer) ElliptiGO trek across Australia in 2017. She used her achievement as a platform to raise money and awareness for One Girl which supports the education of girls in Africa. This example of women supporting women through astounding journeys has earned Emma recognition in a very unique way.

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Idai Longest Ride Challenge

A Letter to Idai Makaya from the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club

Earlier this year, ElliptiGO expert and enthusiast Idai Makaya invited you to participate in the Longest Ride Challenge. As Idai makes his final preparations for his 2,700 kilometer (1,700 mile) round trip journey between John o’Groats and Land’s End using his ElliptiGO bike, Jane LeGore and Jim Cremer have penned a letter to Idai on behalf of the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club and ElliptiGO enthusiasts around the world. This is their message.

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Larry Kirby

Larry Rode Around the World

There are no limits to what Larry Kirby can do. As of May 16, he has ridden 25,944 miles and 2,171 hours on his ElliptiGO 8C, our most popular elliptical bike model. He’s averaging an impressive 120 miles each week!

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Longest Ride Challenge

Join the Longest Ride Challenge

Looking to make 2018 the most memorable year yet? Want to break down perceived barriers and achieve a new personal best?

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Tour de Palm Springs

ElliptiGO HQ Storms the Desert

To the desert we go! Four intrepid ElliptiGO HQ riders took on the Tour de Palm Springs in February with their ElliptiGO bikes in tow.

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Jake Wilcox

Australian Outback Adventure on the Arc

The Australian Outback is one of the most dangerous areas in the world. Known for its seemingly unending stretches of desert populated with poisonous animals and insects, the Outback is a challenge to travel for even the most experienced adventurer. It was exactly Jake Wilcox’s cup of tea.

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Mary Johnson

When Just Finishing Is the Biggest Achievement

Mary Johnson, Head Coach and Founder of Lift Run Perform, shares her thoughts on racing the Elliptical Cycling World Championships.

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Italia, ElliptiGO-Style

Giro d’Italia, ElliptiGO-Style

Imagine riding through the Italian countryside, swooping on graceful downhills and gliding on dedicated bike paths along sparkling rivers. For two groups of lucky ElliptiGO riders, this dream was a reality this past September.

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Madeleine Marecki and Rusty Snow


The 8th Annual Elliptical Cycling World Championships took place Saturday on Palomar Mountain. Rusty Snow won his unprecedented sixth title in a row, while newcomer Madeleine Marecki took the women's crown.

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