6 Years and 40,000 Miles Later

Rick Hermelin took up ElliptiGO riding in 2011 to prepare for a transcontinental ride he would do at age 71. Now, we celebrate him turning over 40,000 total miles ridden since that first ride.

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Relative Newcomer Breaks Two Endurance Records in One Ride

Tera Moody, a former World Marathon Championships competitor, has always been a fierce competitor. In her first distance event riding an ElliptiGO bike, she endured strong winds and a steady cold rain to achieve her goal of riding 150 miles. That only whet her appetite to go for a bigger challenge: the 24-hour mileage mark. But could she do it in a late winter ride, after training only indoors for three months?

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Getting Back in the Swing with ElliptiGO

When not riding his ElliptiGO 8C, Naoki “Tacci” Tachibana enjoys renting an Arc from ElliptiGO Japan and taking it on night-time excursions through the city, occasionally stopping to snap visually arresting images. “I really like the intense level of workout I can get on the Arc,” he said. “It’s great fun!

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It’s OK to Slow Down – Just Don’t Stop

Lyn Huston used to refer to herself as "fat granny on the GO." No more. After trying running and walking, but suffering from knee pain, she discovered the comfort an ElliptiGO bike brings. She has since lost 42 pounds and started a "GO streak" that is approaching 100 consecutive days of riding.

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Blazing a New ElliptiGO Trail

On the roads and wooded trails of Eastern France, people have reported sightings of an interesting new character – a man sporting a wide smile as he whizzes by on a stand-up bicycle.

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Choosing Healthy Over Surgery

Sonja Romijn understands that fitness comes from choices, not from turn-of-the-year whims. She went through an extended period of making poor choices, and they began to weigh on her. Literally. Two years ago, she weighed 140 kg (309 lbs) and was pondering gastric bypass surgery. Learn how she "chose healthy" and has lost 45 kg – nearly 100 pounds.

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David Grigg riding an ElliptiGO Arc

Staying “Hip” in the Golden Years

David Grigg ran competitively in high school and college, then continued through his 30s. After decades of 50-65 mile weeks, the pounding took a toll. He rode mountain and road bikes, but he missed running, and treadmills and stationary bikes were too boring. Then he discovered an ElliptiGO Arc.

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ElliptiGO athletes

ElliptiGO cross-training speeds return to competitive running

Kyle Merber is a professional middle distance runner whose primary goal for the 2016 season was to qualify for the Rio Olympics in the 1500m. But when he suffered a sacral stress reaction that took him away from running for a full five weeks, he began cross-training on an ElliptiGO elliptical bike. The fitness he built up allowed him to salvage the season and still qualify for and compete in the Olympic Trials final.

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