It’s about the workout!

Recreational and competitive cyclists, as well as triathletes, benefit from the gentle elliptical motion and 33% higher caloric burn of ElliptiGO bikes, making them perfect for any rider looking for a more comfortable, time- efficient or effective workout than a traditional bike provides.

More comfortable riding position

ElliptiGO bikes are more comfortable than traditional bicycles because there’s no neck, back or “seat” pain. The upright position provides better visibility, while the elongated elliptical path (anchor to “Bike Architecture” section) provides a stable, more comfortable ride than standing up on a traditional bike. If you are someone with injuries that are aggravated by extended sitting, hunching or extreme knee, hip and ankle flexion, ElliptiGO elliptical bikes can provide all the freedom and benefits of traditional cycling without the resulting pain or discomfort.

What lifelong cyclists are saying

“The ElliptiGO is the most innovative cycling concept since the mountain bike. I highly recommend it for cross-training cyclists and triathletes.” – John Howard, Ironman World Champion

“I crashed on my road bike and shattered my L3 vertebrae. My lumbar spine is fused now, so no more running or cycling. The ElliptiGO has given me freedom to still be outside and be active.” – Jeff LeGore

“I’ve been a cyclist most of my 64 years. I was looking for a bike that could give me a decent workout in a short amount of time (eg. between work and dinnertime). The ElliptiGO looked like what I wanted but it quickly became the only bike I wanted to ride, leaving 6 others gathering dust.” – John Johnson

Better Cardio Efficiency

Researchers at the University of California – San Diego EPARC found that the vertical, weight-bearing position of riding an ElliptiGO elliptical bike burns 33% more calories than riding a traditional bike and delivers a cardiovascular workout comparable to running. Additionally, balancing and maneuvering an ElliptiGO bike engages the core, arm and shoulder muscles, providing a fun, full-body workout in minimal time, making it the perfect cross-training option for any triathlete or cyclist.

What The Experts Are Saying

“Cyclists (speaking as a cyclist) definitely aren’t sure what to make of it and try to blow by you – though I’ve admittedly hammered and hung in with a couple of people on bikes who were super confused that I could go that fast doing what essentially looks like running … I’ve had it up to 25mph on a flat road – of course, I felt it, but isn’t that what it’s all about?” –
 “Since the arc of each stride is longer than on a regular bike, there’s more room to harvest energy, allowing bikers to quickly climb 20-degree inclines and reach 25 mph on flats.” – Popular Science

Improved Muscle Activation

ElliptiGO bikes have a patented elliptical motion that engages the muscles of the legs, glutes and core more effectively than conventional bikes. This unique bike architecture and weight-bearing position delivers higher engagement to the main muscle groups used to climb, sprint and endure.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The ElliptiGO bike has re-kindled my sense of high physical fitness achievement. Road and mountain biking, while exciting and challenging, brought too much pain to my shoulders, wrists, neck and butt.” – Armando Alonso
“I get a much better cardio workout on the ElliptiGO than I do on a regular bike. On a regular bike, I only feel like I’m working hard when I’m going uphill. On the ElliptiGO, I can feel my heart rate going up, even on level ground.” – Sue Compton Dixon
“On a conventional or recumbent bicycle I could never seem to get my heart rate up. On the ElliptiGO, my heart rate is in my typical running range.” – Garth Wigle