High School and College Coaches: Win a Complete Training Package Giveaway

ElliptiGO invites high school and college coaches to share their cross training philosophy for a chance to win a complete ElliptiGO training package, valued at $3,000. The prize features everything to get a program started with the cross training benefits of ElliptiGO, including an ElliptiGO 8C, a stationary trainer, road repair kit, bike pump, and toe cages. Any high school or college coach can enter to win by August 28.

As sports specialization increases, so do overuse injuries. As a result, cross training is quickly becoming a core philosophy in athletic programs across the country. Combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer into one low-impact device, the ElliptiGO bike enables athletes to train through a wide variety of injuries, from stress fractures to soft tissue sprains, strains and tendinitis. The ElliptiGO bike is also key in preventing injuries from happening in the first place.

“It’s exciting to see the significant traction and adoption of ElliptiGO bikes at Universities and High Schools across the country,” said Bryce Whiting, Chief Enthusiast at ElliptiGO. “We’re proud to be making a positive impact on thousands of young runners, giving them a much better chance to reach their goals and potential.”

The ElliptiGO bike enables injured or cross training athletes to continue participating with their team, instead of being sent away to the gym. Athletes can replicate planned workouts in outer track lanes, on the same roads and paths as their teammates, or with the help of an indoor stationary trainer.

More than 150 high school and college programs are already experiencing the benefits of the ElliptiGO, including University of Arizona, UC Berkeley, University of Colorado, Dartmouth College, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, Stanford University, University of Tennessee, Texas A&M University, and University of Virginia, as well as National Champions Great Oak High School.


Posted August 22, 2017 by Tennille in Elites & Teams, Giveaways, Press Releases, updates