Global Team Challenge


ElliptiGO is turning up the heat on this years’ edition of the Global Team Challenge (#GTC2015)

The ElliptiGLOBE has once again been divided up evenly into five teams and pitted against each other. Find out who your teammates are below! It’s time to see which areas of the globe can claim the four titles (and points!) up for grabs in this 28-day challenge. Participate, and help your team become known as:

The Overall Champions will be the team that accumulates the most points across all 4 categories.

The Global Team Challenge will be the four weeks from 9/21-10/18, leading up to, and culminating with, the 2015 Rally Weekend.

How do I participate and earn GOTM points?

Participation is easy. Simply Register, Ride & Submit!

(For this challenge, Strava is the only acceptable upload format. Strava now accepts uploads via their App, Garmin, Suunto, Timex, TomTom & Soleus platforms. For more information, check out their site at: www.strava.com. Basic accounts are free and very easy to set up.)

NOTE: You must upload your previous week’s training prior to Wednesday of the following week. We are only able to track metrics one week removed in Strava, so if you want them to count towards your team’s point total, be sure to upload them as you GO!

How far do I have to ride?

It’s up to you! You can GO as far, up as many hills, and as fast as you like. All of your rides will help push your team higher in the standings in one category or another!

How many points can I earn?

A lot, BUT for this challenge the amount of points you earn isn’t solely up to you. This is a TEAM challenge! Your teams are made up of regions with approximately the same number of ElliptiGO owners, but the number of GO owners in each region doesn’t matter unless they participate, so start spreading the word! Do you know other GO owners in your area? Have you checked out the discussion boards on Strava and Facebook? What about our interactive map on the GOTM webpage? Recruit, encourage and ride to help drive your chances for earning points higher and higher.

Point Allocation:

Points* will be awarded in the descending order of 50, 40, 30, 20 & 10 for each of the four categories up for grabs:

Champions / Overall – This title will be determined by the overall point totals of the teams after the first four categories (mileage, climbing, pace, and riders) have been tallied**

Additionally, this year, we will also award 10 bonus points per category for any category in which a team exceeds its 2014 total/average! If a team exceeds its total/average in all four categories, then we will award 50 bonus points in place of the 40 it would otherwise have earned.

*For clarity, points are NOT awarded on an individual basis for the GTC. Points are awarded base on the team’s performance in the four categories above with the maximum number of points available to earn through this challenge being 250pts – 1st place in all four categories AND beating the team’s 2014 total/average in all four categories.

**In the case of a tie for the top spot, the Challenge will GO into OVERTIME! Overtime will be a head-to-head challenge between the top two teams two weeks following the competition so everyone has a chance to recover before the final push! The details of that tie-break challenge will be announced in the event of a tie. Stay tuned …

How do I join the Challenge?

You must register for the Challenge by completing the entry form on the right of this page AND joining the ElliptiGO Club on Strava so you can upload your rides. Riders may join at any point during the challenge, but their points will only start accumulating from the time they officially register.

If you have specific questions, please email challenge@elliptigo.com.

Points & Pride are at stake here!