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Revolutionize your fitness

Outdoor enthusiasts and fitness fanatics alike use elliptical cycling to get all the benefits of an elliptical workout – without being stuck indoors. Whether it is to improve health, lose weight or increase fitness, ElliptiGO bikes can get the job done.

Burn More Calories

Researchers at the University of California – San Diego EPARC found that the vertical, weight-bearing position of riding an ElliptiGO elliptical bike burns 33% more calories than riding a traditional bike and delivers a cardiovascular workout comparable to running. Additionally, balancing and maneuvering an ElliptiGO bike works your core in ways a stationary machine can’t, providing a fun, full-body workout in less time!

What the Athletes are Saying

 “ElliptiGO is a great full body workout, burning 33% more calories than the cardio alternative of seated biking. Likewise, it allows you to work your quads, glutes, hamstrings and core really well, but without all the impact that accompanies running.” – Ben Greenfield, NSCA & ISSN Health & Fitness Expert/NYT Best-Selling Author
“In my daily work with athletes, I have found the ElliptiGO to be an ideal part of my ‘tool kit.’ It provides core activation, minimal musculoskeletal stress and can elevate HR to training levels, all while being fun to use. It is a quality asset for any athlete”. – Ralph Reiff, athletic trainer

Enjoy exercising

“Fun” is the number one word our customers use [link to customer review or testimonial page] to describe their ElliptiGO bike. It’s more comfortable than a bike and way better than being stuck in a gym. Even those with debilitating conditions or injuriescan get in a pain-free, heart-pumping workout using the patented, low-impact elliptical motion.

What The Experts Are Saying

“Want to up your cardio without running or adding stress on your knees or joints? Try ElliptiGO!” – Men’s Health
“The ElliptiGO offers a safe, low-impact workout that falls within the ACSM intensity recommendations, no matter what measure you use. And, by all accounts, it’s a lot of fun, which is more important than it sounds.” – American Council of Exercise

Use it Inside or Outside

ElliptiGO elliptical bikes were built for the outdoors, however, most of our bikes can quickly and easily become an indoor workout machine as well with the addition of our Fluid 365 stationary trainer. So, whether you live in sunny southern-California, the windy city of Chicago or the rainy Pacific Northwest, ElliptiGO bikes provide a year-round solution for everyone.
Watch the Winter Workout Series for ideas on how to get the most out of your indoor ElliptiGO workout.
View and download training plans for participating in outdoor cycling events or riding a marathon.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I love the total body workout it provides.  It has allowed me to train long hours with less impact while still providing strength-building and cardio exercise.” – Jennifer Reisdorf
“I’m so much happier riding outside than being stuck on an elliptical indoors! I love it and I love how it improves my core and overall fitness!” – Angie Hart