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High Performance - Low Impact

Burn Calories: 33% MORE than traditional biking 

Fun To Ride: Gives The Feeling of “Running On Air.”

Comfortable: Natural stand-up riding position reduces stress on your neck and back and eliminates seat pain

Low-Impact: Very gentle on your joints

 Mike Ruffolo

Mike RuffoloNaples, Florida

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You’ve seen them around Naples, this is your chance to try one yourself. Exercise outdoors and make fitness fun again! Get/stay in shape without the wear and tear on your joints.


Hip pain forced me to end a nearly 46 year running streak (I need to have hip replacement surgery) ...Now, five weeks later, I'm feeling very comfortable on my rides and have been doing 8-10 miles every other day. I feel great when I'm done! My hip surgeon said that it is really good for me to be doing this as I prepare for surgery. And I look forward to riding for many years after my surgery
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Male Rider of the 11R

Riding Couple

Stand up and GO! ElliptiGO bikes give you a fun and innovative way to exercise outdoors.

You’ll enjoy a comfortable, stand up riding position, a hyper-efficient workout, and boundless fun.

Young or old, runner or cyclist, health-conscious or competitor, your goals are waiting. Let’s GO get ‘em.


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What To Expect On The Test Ride

8C ElliptiGO


ElliptiGO 11R changed my life. I was motivated to get in shape by my wife and wanted to be active with my grandchildren. ...When I saw an ElliptiGO on the road, I knew I had to have one. ...I have recommended it to friends and family and will continue to recommend this product to anyone who wants a fun way to get in shape.
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ElliptiGO 8C & 11R

Tremendous Versatility & Riding Experience Starting At $2699

8C ElliptiGO

Fat Burning

Burns 33% more calories
than a traditional bicycle - providing a better workout in less time

Full-Body Conditioning:

Engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs

Weight-Bearing Exercise:

Increases your heart rate and is good for bone

Indoor/Outdoor Solution:

Train year-round on the road, on the trail, or on a stationary trainer


Fits a wide range of
riders with quick, easy adjustments

Multiple Foot Positions

Lets you target
different muscle groups while keeping
your feet comfortable


Can fit inside most vehicles
and on roof, trunk and hitch racks

Fits Your Riding Style

Gearing makes
it great for cruising, sprinting on the
flats or climbing the steepest hills

ElliptiGO 11R

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Good Morning America

“It’s easy to handle, easy to
get started, and a great workout for your whole body.”

Runners Magazine

“As we cruised along, it did not take much time for my heart rate to increase and I realized why so many runners use this machine
for “active recovery.” I really enjoyed the experience.”

Outside Magazine

“You are guaranteed
to have fun on board.”

Run Without Impact

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We care that our customers have the best riding experience available. That is why we offer world-class service and support to keep your ElliptiGO bike running smoothly.

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 Mike Ruffolo
Mike RuffoloTest Rides Out Of Pelican Bay
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I look forward to meeting you soon for your test ride. You will love it!