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What to Do Between Training Cycles

Runner's World

You’ve finished your goal race, got your medal and celebrated the accomplishment. Now what? Many runners find themselves wondering what to do once their race was over. They had a nice structured training plan leading them into the race, but now they find themselves lost on how to recover from the soreness that’s now fully set in and, when ready, prepare for the next event. Coach Jenny Hadfield gives week by week advice for how to properly recover from one race effort and begin safely building towards the next. “Personally, I invest more time in lower impact activities like ElliptiGo, mountain biking, and road biking. In the spring season I ride road bikes and my ElliptiGo for my cross-training work. In the fall, I hit the trails and mountain bike. By adding variety to your seasons, you keep your program fresh and reduce the chances of burnout.” Read the full article >>