serial number locationTo determine which model you own, locate the gear selection indicator on the handlebars near the right grip.

Long Stride – Long Stride bikes are characterized by a long base with two tracks running along its sides. The pedals roll along these tracks and move in an elliptical motion.

Compare your gear indicator with the photos.


Compact Stride – Compact Stride bikes have the word “Arc” on the bike frame, near the rear wheel. The pedals are attached on arms and move in a circular motion.

Look at your gear indicator.


Finding Your Serial Number
The serial number is an 8-digit number located either on the top or bottom of your bike frame, depending on what bike type you have.

Long Stride
The serial number is located under the bike on the round tube, between the rear wheel and the kickstand.

Compact Stride
The serial number is located on the top of the frame, towards the rear wheel by the chain keeper.