Getting Started Videos

Unboxing and Assembly RSUB/MSUB

This video will help you successfully unbox and assemble the MSUB, including installation of the front wheels, pedals and steering column.

RSUB/MSUB Full Visual Inspection

This video will teach you how to complete a full visual inspection of the MSUB.

Taking a Test Ride on the SUB

SUB Pre-Ride Checklist

SUB Assembly

How easy is it to ride an ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle?

Taking Your First Ride on a Long-Stride or Compact-Stride Bike

The best way to experience the fun, comfort and performance of an ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle is to take one for a ride. This short video gives you tips on how to get the most out of your test ride and feel comfortable within minutes of hopping on. Click the "Find a Dealer" link above to find a location where you can take a test ride. If there are no dealers in your area, check out our Virtual Test Ride page.

Unpacking and assembling the Arc

This video shows how to unbox, unpack and assemble the ElliptiGO Arc elliptical bicycle. In just a few minutes, you can have your bike fully assembled and ready to ride!

Pre-ride checklist for the Arc

Before riding your ElliptiGO Arc elliptical bicycle, you should go through this quick checklist to ensure your bike is in tip-top shape. That will help you to enjoy a fun, safe ride.

Unpacking Your ElliptiGO 8S or 11R Elliptical Bike

The ElliptiGO is the the world's first outdoor elliptical bicycle. The ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle enables many former and injured runners to enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of running outdoors, even if they can't run. Propelled by long, running-like strides, the ElliptiGO provides a low-impact, outdoor exercise experience that feels like running. The ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle has become one of the cross-training tools of choice for dozens of professional athletes. It's perfect for healthy runners who want to increase mileage through cross-training, injured runners who are looking to experience running again, and fitness enthusiasts who want to get out of the gym.

Unpacking 3C or 8C

Learn how to properly unpack your ElliptiGO 3C or 8C outdoor elliptical bicycle.

Pre-Ride Checklist for ElliptiGO 3C and 8C Elliptical Bikes

Before you go out for a ride on your ElliptiGO elliptical bike, give it a good pre-ride inspection. This video shows the important items to check to keep you safe and your bike in top working condition.

Pre-Ride Safety Check

This is a short video showing what to check before taking your first ride on the ElliptiGO outdoor elliptical bicycle.

How to Carry the ElliptiGO Elliptical Bicycle

This is a short video demonstrating how to properly carry the ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle. The ElliptiGO is the the world's first outdoor elliptical bicycle. The ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle enables many