Rider of the Month Jennifer Dosset riding her 8C

Rider of the Month Jennifer Dossett

In our story this month we bring you an interview with a strong and optimistic woman, Jennifer Dossett. ElliptiGO is thrilled to be a small part of her fight against rare cancer and happy to create a little joy in her workouts.

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Bryan explores Austin

Life on the Road

Tennille suggested I share what this experience has been like for us the past few weeks. It is a strange time to be stuck in an unfamiliar location a few thousand miles away from home. The past two weeks have challenged our ability to be flexible and stay positive, but we are doing our best.

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Jared Ward - Olympic Trials

ElliptiGO Athletes Head to the Olympic Trials

The 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials are being held in Atlanta, GA on Feb. 29, where the US Olympic Team will be selected for both the men and women to compete in the Tokyo Olympic Games this August.  As the top runners in the country have been preparing for these trials, ElliptiGO elliptical bicycles have been the cross-training tool of choice for many of these athletes competing.

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ElliptiGO Celebrates 10 years

We celebrate our 10th Anniversary

On February 24th, we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the day we delivered a brand new ElliptiGO 8S to our very first customer. The delivery of that bike was the culmination of almost five years of hard work where a small group of us, backed by a handful of investors, were able to take the ElliptiGO from a crazy idea to a deliverable product.

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Naples, Florida

Naples is ElliptiGO Country 

For the past few years I have been hearing about how great Naples, Florida is for ElliptiGO riders. Candidly, I hadn’t really paid much attention to those comments because a lot of people tell me that their city is “the number one bike city in America” or “the absolute perfect place for ElliptiGOs.”

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Patty Klein is Rider of the Month

December 2019 Rider Of The Month – Patricia Klein

This month, we honor Lewis “Lefty” Leftwich. His welcoming attitude, his dedication to driving awareness for our brand, not to mention his love of riding for sweet treats have earned him the title September 2019 Rider Of The Month.

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CEO on the GO Winter Edition

Winter Appreciation Month – CEO on the GO

The good news is, I have a lot more appreciation for how winter can throw a wrench in a training plan. I also have a ton more respect for the folks that are out there riding in the cold. That’s a gutsy move! Not riding for almost a month because of the cold is a tough way to learn about the impacts of winter, but I’m glad I have really internalized it now.

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National Mall

Honoring Veterans Day – CEO on the GO

As the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day approach this year, I am thankful to be a Veteran and particularly proud to be a Marine Veteran. I am also humbled by those who have sacrificed much more than I was ever asked to as a Marine, whether that was serving in combat, being on the front lines of the civil rights movement, surviving the Holocaust, or being a first responder in a time of crisis.

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Rider Of The Month Jim Stahlman

Oct. ’19 Rider Of The Month Jim Stahlman

We’re excited to share a little more about Jim’s story with you, as we honor him for his unending enthusiasm, his perseverance through medical challenges, and the encouragement he offers to his fellow riders.

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