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Tough New Workout Gear That Goes Easy on the Joints

Every week, Greg Berman squeezes in a total-body workout at home. He doesn’t lift barbells and there’s no room in his 1,000-square foot condo for a treadmill.

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Low Impact Full Speed Ahead article by Bob Babbitt

Low-Impact & Full Speed Ahead

Bryan Pate is a Marine, Ironman finisher and the founder of the ElliptiGO, which you have probably seen cruising the coast of Southern California sometime in the past year or so. In 2005 Pate lost the ability to run for fitness because of injuries to his knees and hips.

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The ElliptiGO Run Club

Extend Your Running Life

By substituting running miles with ElliptiGO elliptical cycling miles, you can greatly reduce the amount of impact your body sustains during each training week, and early indications are that you can do so without adversely impacting your performance on race day.

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