63 Year Old American Breaks Elliptical Cycling World Record

Dan Waggoner's 234.94-mile ride establishes new one-day standard for elliptical cycling

San Diego, CA (September 26, 2012) ElliptiGO Inc. , creators of the worlds fastest elliptical cycles, today announced that Dan Waggoner of Fremont, Ohio set a new elliptical cycling record by riding 234.94 miles in 24 hours during the Flatlanders Bicycle Tour on August 19, 2012. The 63-year-old bicycle store owner broke the previous 24-hour record of 232 miles that had been set earlier this year by British athlete, Idai Makaya, in the RIDE24 event at the Goodward Motor Circuit in England.

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Waggoner trained on the ElliptiGO for more than a year to lose weight and get healthy before setting his sights on the record-breaking ride. Riding the ElliptiGO played a big part in me losing 30 pounds over the last year, stated Waggoner. My cholesterol levels and blood pressure have dropped significantly and Ive cut my medication amounts in half.

His successful training led him to complete his first milestone on the ElliptiGO in 2011 by riding 100 miles in one day. After completing that goal, he set his sights on the mens one-day, 24-hour distance record. My coworker, JoAnn Wegert, holds the womens one-day distance record and that got me thinking that maybe I could set the mens distance record, stated Waggoner. To set a new record, he would have to better the 232-mile mark set by Idai Makaya just a few months prior.

I knew it would be a long day, but I was fairly confident that with the support of my crew that I could achieve my goal, stated Waggoner. He began his ride at 12:04am on the morning of August 19 th with a small group of support riders. Over the next 20.5 hours, 17 different support riders would accompany him over nine loops of the course, ending with a new record of 234.94 miles.

Im really excited to have set the new one-day record for elliptical cycling, said Waggoner. Records are there to challenge us and Im very pleased to have achieved my goal and to have finished what I set out to do. Now that benchmark is out there for someone else to break.

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