Used ElliptiGO Bikes

From time to time, we have used ElliptiGO bikes for sale, and they tend to sell fast.
These used bikes have all been inspected  and come with a warranty, as described below.

used elliptigo bikes

We have 2-tiers of used ElliptiGO Bikes for Sale – 10% and 25% off bikes.
The discount of each ElliptiGO bike varies depending on the wear and tear of the bike.

10% off select used ElliptiGO bikes: Our 10%-off used bikes are in great condition. These usually have been returned by a customer as part of our 30-day money back guarantee. They will show a little wear and will have minor paint or other blemishes.

25% off other ElliptiGO bikes: Our 25% off used bikes are in good condition. They will show wear and tear on parts such as tires, brake pads, load wheels and tracks, and have some scratches or visual blemishes.

All of the used ElliptiGO bikes for sale from us will be in good working order. They should not have any mechanical issues when you receive them. As a result, we will honor our standard warranty of 5-years for the frame and 2-years for the drive arms, crank arms, front fork, and steering column. All of the other components will have a 30-day warranty. That includes the gearing system, shifter, handlebar, stem, grips, etc. We don’t manufacture those parts so we can’t extend their warranties. Therefore, if you discover a mechanical issue with a component within the first 30-days after you receive it, we will repair or replace that component at our cost. That should allow you enough time to ensure that the bike you received was in good working order when you received it.

used elliptigo bikes