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Read our customer features, stories and testimonials. Or, hear how the low-impact,full-body workout of ElliptiGO elliptical bikes have helped riders overcome a variety of injuries and conditions to regain health and fitness

Stand up Bike (SUB)

Fitness and fun have arrived in our sleek new Stand Up Bike. Enjoy the familiar bicycle pedal stroke without the neck, back and seat pain. Responsive, light and portable, this bike is ready to go wherever you GO.

Compact-Stride Family

Featuring a hybrid elliptical pedal stroke, the compact-stride bike is ideal for the fitness enthusiast looking to target a variety of muscle groups. Get a time-efficient, full-body workout without the impact.

Long-Stride Family

Featuring a smooth, elliptical motion, the long-stride bike is a favorite among runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. Enjoy comfort, performance and indoor/outdoor versatility on our award-winning bike.

  • LOVE the SUB

    I have a long stride 3C and I just got the SUB a few days ago. There is a marked difference between the 2 machines with regard to motion and muscle groups used. I love the SUB in that it’s lighter and the motion is just like riding a bike. The muscles I use while riding the SUB are one’s I didn’t know I had!!! It’s a great workout and SO fun to ride. When I get tired of pedaling, I can coast for a while and pick up my stride where I left off. It only weighs 28 pounds so lifting it into my truck is super easy. I have so much fun riding the SUB, I can’t wait to see more people riding this awesome bike.
    Thanks to the entire EllipitGO team for making such a fun bike.

    - Alison

    The SUB was nimble and light

    Remember when you were a kid and you felt like you owned the neighborhood as you rode your BMX bike everywhere? You were the Boss as you stood up on your pedals and bunny-hopped over curbs! Thats how I felt on the SUB. After riding a long-stride (MEB) for the past 3 years, I was afraid I wouldn’t like the shorter stride of the SUB.  Boy was I wrong! The SUB was nimble and light in comparison to the long-stride, and I felt like I was getting a power-punch of a workout in a short amount of time. The lighter weight was noticeable on the hills, and she climbed with ease. My normal loop on the long-stride is a 10 mile/40 minute jaunt. I look forward to mixing it up with both the long-stride and SUB in my stable, and anticipate favoring the long-stride for longer endurance type rides and the SUB for shorter higher-intensity rides.

    - Shaun S.

    Perfect for a Time Efficient Workout

    I love the SUB. It’s so easy to ride – you just get on it and go. Being lightweight and nimble with a low center of gravity makes the SUB easy to maneuver and super fun to ride. Maybe this is how a bicycle should have always been?

    I definitely feel my quads after some hilly rides on the SUB. You can get a great workout in a short time. My neighborhood is very hilly, so the SUB is perfect for a quick half hour or hour workout through the neighborhood after work. As a cyclist, I also find the SUB benefits my road biking, without the back, neck and saddle soreness.

    - Rick B.
  • I Can Push Myself Without Getting Hurt

    While exercising on the SUB, I enjoy being able to push my heart rate up, get my legs moving fast, all with very little impact on my lower back and hip. I am able to get a great workout without the damage caused by impact. With the multiple gear ability, I can test myself endurance, power and stamina on severe inclines like the the TorreycPines. In addition, the maneuverability and freedom provides me with a full body workout so I feel tested from head to toe once a ride is completed.

    - Tom

    Get a Great Workout, Faster

    As an owner and enthusiast for both the 11R (long stride) and Arc, I am excited to add the SUB to my fleet. It is nimble, responsive, lightweight and quiet. I think this is the ideal stand up and ride cycle for short trips and morning workout rides. It is at the same time a blast to ride and you get a workout almost immediately, versus a regular bike that requires at least 30-60 minutes before you start feeling that your muscles are working. The SUB is also light and compact enough that its easy to pop in and out of a car

    - Jeff

    Climbs and Descends Beautifully

    I love my SUB. It is so easy to maneuver and ride. It climbs hills so well, and descends wonderfully. Even though I live in a hilly area, I ride my SUB every day with ease. I am so happy with this bike!

    - Susan
  • Gives Me a Fast Workout That Keeps Me Injury-Free

    I am a huge ElliptiGO enthusiast who loves the fun and accomplishment of long rides on the 11R. I use the SUB for my shorter, faster workouts. When I don’t have a couple hours to endurance train, the SUB is the perfect tool. I can get a killer workout without killing my skeleton from the pounding. Anything that reduces the risk of injury and keeps me moving is the perfect workout tool in my mind. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

    - Patti

    The SUB is an incredible machine

    Having ridden all 3 models (Long Stride, Arc and now the SUB) I am excited to add the SUB to my garage as yet another fantastic non-impact cardio experience that allows me to get outside and GO!!! The SUB is an incredible machine that will allow me to stand up and ride any mountain or road I choose! Thank you for your hard work and innovation in c

    Creating yet another amazing product at ElliptiGO! Way to GO!

    - Clayton w.

    My Favorite Bike Of All Time

    I’ve been riding the Arc every day for 2 and a half years. It was my only bike. After assembling my new SUB, I took it on my regular ride I usually do with my Arc. Wow! The SUB is everything I was hoping it would be and more. I love this bike! I’m cutting up the shipping box, because there’s no way I’m returning it. It’s awesome! Thank you to the

    ElliptiGO crew for designing it. It’s now my favorite bike of all time.

    - Fred
  • I’m Totally In Love With The SUB

    One day I woke up with the idea that I love bikes, but not seats — I bet someone has invented a bike where you just stand up. I looked online and I was right — and ElliptiGO bikes were available at a store in my town. I tried one out that day! A few weeks later, I got word that ElliptiGO had a new, simpler model out. I dropped by again, and this t

    ime I bought it. I am a 56-year-old business woman who exercises to stay in shape. I used to jog, but then I sustained an injury (broken ankle) and can’t tolerate high-impact exercise. I used to ride a road bike, but I couldn’t stand the seat and wrist pain, so I got a recumbent. I loved that but it always irritated my knees. I wanted that power position of standing up! I do yoga, swim and ride the elliptical at the gym. But I really missed getting out on the bike path and seeing the scenery whiz by. So even though it’s still not perfect (I’ve suggested some improvements to the gears and pedals), I’m totally in love with the SUB and look forward to riding it as often as I can. I heard that the best way to keep your body “young” is to raise your heart rate regularly. Now I have a fun, painless, effective way to do that. Thank you, ElliptiGO!

    - A.E.
  • The ElliptiGO Arc was just what I needed!

    I am retired at 64 and am unable to ride a bike due to a reconstructed knee and leg. I’m not able to pedal a full rotation. The ElliptiGO Arc was just what I needed! It’s allowed me to be back on the bike trails after not being able to ride a bike for over 20 years!

    - John Moyer

    I have my freedom back!

    Due to health complications, I was unable to ride conventional bicycles. After 2 years of looking, I came across the ARC 3 and purchased it on the spot. The price works well with my budget and the sales department was exceptional. The ARC 3 is an amazing piece of exercise equipment. It is simple to ride, with no impact on joints, which make it very smooth and enjoyable. The compact size makes it easy to store and take on the go. To top it off, the looks I get while riding are priceless. I have my freedom back!

    - Anonymous

    Love it

    Delivered quickly. Easy to assemble. Love it!!

    - Talamini Campbell
  • It’s a blast to ride!

    Riding my Arc gives me the self confidence to reach beyond my limits. By using my Arc as a cross trainer, I’m able to apply faster cadence and more resistance. With its “feel good” stride, the Arc infuses strength and enables higher plateaus. It’s a blast to ride!

    - Carol Galgano

    Welcome “THE ARC”!!!!!!!!!

    Took my first ride on my Arc! I rode it up my driveway which is a 16% grade and felt I could take it straight from my house which I then did! I then rode straight downhill to straight uphill with no in between. At first I was having trouble understanding the pedal motion. After I hit some variation of flatlands, uphills and downhills I began to have a better understanding of the bike and ride. On flatlands it is AWESOME!!! It is well designed, well built, solid, yet pliable.

    - CLG

    Who needs to sit?!

    I already had a long-stride ElliptiGO and I love it to death, but the Arc has proven to be even more fun! It is agile and nimble and what a great workout!!

    - Ramona G.
  • Outstanding for cross-training

    More intense cardio than a bike but without the neck pain, wrist pain, back strain, and seat discomfort I get on my bikes. More fun than anything in the gym; I’ll take being outside any day it’s not raining or snowing.

    Been riding my Arc for two months and have dropped weight and improved fitness. I’m in the next to the tallest gear on flat roads so plenty of gears left for tackling hills. I initially wondered if it was going to be worth the money but it definitely is.

    - Griggzy

    The ElliptiGO Arc is one kick _ _ _ bike!

    My ElliptiGO Arc rocks! I am almost 70 years old and gave up running a long time ago due to lower back pain caused by degenerative disks and arthritis. I took up fitness walking to stay in shape but I continued having lower back and knee pain. I absolutely love riding my ElliptiGO Arc because it gives me a great workout without any lower back or joint pain! The only pain I get now are my quads burning especially when I hit 20 mph!

    - Juan Hernandez

    Love the Arc!

    I purchased an ElliptiGO Arc 8 as a way to get outside, workout, and enjoy the day. Unable to run due to knee issues but riding the Arc causes me no problems. More fun than biking and the workout is awesome. Enjoy the Arc so much, I bought an Arc 24 when they were introduced.

    - L. E. Leftwich
  • Easy on the knees too

    Killer workout! Easy on the knees too. Got right on and started cycling with ease.

    - Raquel Wilson

    First impressions of the ElliptiGO Arc!

    I just purchased the Arc and absolutely love it. It took some time to configure the foot pivot point and the position of the foot platform to conform to my style of running but once that was done the Arc rode very smooth. The height adjustment on the handle bars is also a big plus. Shifting and braking are exactly like any other bike, but the stand up riding position without the saddle sores make it a great cross trainer for runners and a great rehab alternative for any injured athlete.

    - JP

    Prostate issues? No problem. I love this thing!

    I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. This diagnosis has made it impossible for me to ride a regular bicycle, even with a “prostate friendly” seat. Then I discovered ElliptiGO. I hate being cooped up in a gym, and the Arc has (quite literally) saved me from not exercising. This thing is a life saver! My doctor also gave it the thumbs up. As a bonus, it burns more calories than a regular bike! Fair warning: This gives a much greater workout than just biking (to me, that’s a plus!).

    - Dan Fox
  • Very Pleased with the ElliptiGO Arc 8

    At 57 years old, I can’t run anymore due to knee and lower back issues…nothing serious, but limiting in what I felt comfortable in doing. The Arc 8 is perfect for me because I feel like I’m getting in a good workout in 40-60 minutes, and am doing it outside, which is what I wanted. I highly recommend the ElliptiGO, especially for those who can’t take the impact anymore but still want to get in a good workout and enjoy the outdoors while doing so.

    - Terry Schuman

    Great bike! Allowed me to workout outside again!

    I am still a newbie with my ARC 8. I have only been riding it about a week and my skills are improving. I discovered when I first started that the balance is different than a regular bike. I am giving myself extra practice time before I head out on our local bike paths. I also purchased the fender and the toe guards. I am enjoying my bike. I liken it to learning how to roller skate or skateboard, it takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is a blast!

    - Helen Bradacs

    Back on The Trails…..After 20 Years!!

    I just got my Arc a few weeks ago and have begun a daily routine of 8 to 10 miles a day. My goal is to reach 70 miles a week on the ElliptiGO Arc and I also begin every morning with a 5 mile hike. I am retired at 64 and I am unable to ride a bike due to a reconstructed knee and leg….not able to pedal a full rotation! The ElliptiGO was just what I needed and it’s allowed me to be back on the bike trails after not being able to ride a bike for over 20 years!!

    - John Moyer
  • Satisfied Customer!

    Only about a week in time passed between when I learned about the ElliptiGO to the time I bought one. I have enjoyed running for the past several years but my knees were giving me problems. I decided to go to a nearby bike store to try one. It felt smooth and like a real hybrid between a standard bike and running. The ElliptiGO arrived quickly. It was easy to put together. Since then I have been using it daily for exercise. I typically use it for about 5 miles per day. My knees do not complain.

    - Nelson De Leon

    Great bike!

    My wife and I got one to share yesterday, and we both love it. Rode it around Venice Beach and Santa Monica today, taking turns getting off the normal beach cruiser and trying out the ElliptiGO. We both wanted to keep riding the ElliptiGO. The workout was much better than a regular bike, my back felt a lot better, and I could ride faster. The build feels very solid. Looking forward to riding it a lot more in the future.

    - Wendell Morris

    My New Arc!

    After adjusting the foot platform to my style of riding/running, I am loving the Arc. I can cruise much faster than I thought (I also own the ElliptiGO long stride) and it climbs very well too – I was able to handle a 10% grade with gears to spare. I think ElliptiGO has a winner here and at a very fair price!

    - John Pilkington
  • Cool!!!!

    Beautiful Shape! Compact!

    - Naoki Tachibana
  • Wanna Be Cool Again? Get an ElliptiGO

    Purchased my Elliptigo several months ago. The whole experience was great as the representative I spoke with was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, answering questions and explaining the differences between each model. Ultimately, I chose the 24 and have zero regrets.  It is so fun to cruise around, sometimes for hours as it’s so fun, you literally forget you’re exercising. Until you get off, of course. That being said, it’s such a low impact workout, the next day I don’t feel beat up or “saddle sore”. One last thing about the Elliptigo is the amount of attention you get when you are riding. People are literally blown away as you ride by, looking like a total boss with a big smile on your face. It’s totally rad and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way if you choose to get one. I highly recommend it!

    - Kevin Vaughn


    My 2nd Arc. I started with the Arc 8 and bought the Arc 24 when it became available. With the area I live in (hilly), it allows me to move up & down the terrain better. It also allows me to keep up with friends on their long striders. Don’t rely on just this review, test ride an ElliptiGO for yourself.

    - L. E. Leftwich

    My ElliptiGO Arc rocks!

    My ElliptiGO Arc rocks! I am almost 70 years old and gave up running a long time ago due to lower back pain caused by degenerative disks and arthritis. I took up fitness walking to stay in shape, but I continued having lower back and knee pain. I absolutely love riding my Arc 24 because it gives me a great workout without any! Riding this bike standing up not only gives you a great lower body workout, but also works out your core and upper body without a sore behind.

    - Juan Hernandez
  • You will be AMAZED

    I would recommend this bike to anyone… You will be AMAZED, I guarantee it. If you think running or cycling can’t be beat, I challenge you to check out the Arc. The beauty of this invention is that it caters to the rider. It doesn’t matter if you are rehabbing from knee surgery or just want to reclaim your “physical spirit” again, the bike will respond to that need.

    - Jimi Gibson
  • The freedom of being outside and feeling fast

    I feel like ElliptiGO is the closest thing to running when you have to cross-train, which made it more enjoyable to do. I felt like the
    hard hours of training I put in were actually relevant for my running – with the freedom of being outside and feeling fast.

    - Susan Kuijken

    Finally an enjoyable workout

    The best experience on wheels I have ever had! As a life-long runner/biker, I decided to make changes in my exercise routine to reduce wear and tear. The ElliptiGO assembly was super easy. I was riding within 1.5 hours after I opened the box. I get a better workout than on my road bike. My knees are thanking me too! I don’t have the same pain like I used to have running, and it has made exercise fun again. I enjoy being outside, so I’m really digging it! It’s very sturdy.

    - Robert Hearn

    A great investment for a life time!

    I have a 3C I use at the shore and it is a superb machine! The box shows up, you put on the front tire and GO! I haven’t had any problems with the 3 speeds on flat and rolling terrain. I rode it on a metric century without problem. Extremely well built and fun to ride!

    - JRH
  • I never knew training could be this much fun!!

    I was coming off a stress fracture and in dire straits, until I read about it and bought it. 1) It’s more fun than I have ever had training for any sport. 2) If you’re a healthy runner, you can get more miles in without the wear and tear. 3) If you’re injured, you can get miles in and not lose fitness. 4) The 3C is great. I ride up to 60 miles without pain the next day. Recovery is amazing. 5. If you have big hills, I would go with the 8 or 11. 5) Ride it and you will have a perpetual smile.

    - Thomas A

    Awesome Fun

    I purchased two of these for Key West. I thought there would be a learning curve, but no. So easy and so much fun, and a good workout too. My husband is 59 and I am 55. Our adult children love them too.

    - Holly Fehr


    This ElliptiGO bike has taken me to levels I never expected! My stride, conditioning and stamina are crazy. Just ran a 13.1 miler with a new PR of two hours and nine minutes, which is 35 minutes better than my previous two half marathons!!! I wish I would have purchased my ElliptiGO five years ago, when I was 55!

    - Mike Cassidy
  • Never gets old

    I’ve had my 3C for six months now, riding just about every day, and have put on 1,300 miles. I still enjoy every ride and the workout is equivalent to when I was running, but much more fun. The 3C is very well made and I have had no issues other than enjoyment.

    - Michael V.

    Exhilarating ride

    The 3C is exhilarating to ride! Pros: It’s mechanically well-designed and very capable for moderate hills. The workout is much more intense than on a regular bike. I run around four miles per day and would love to run more, but my body just can’t take the bone-crushing impact. With the ElliptiGO, I can literally run all day without pain! It really is like running on air. The only pain is pure muscle burn. Cons: No shock absorbers. The gliders require regular cleaning. No big deal.

    - Steve Attebery

    Love, love, love my 3C!

    My ElliptiGO is the best thing I’ve spent my hard-earned money on in a long, long time! The build quality is exceptional and the ride is smooth and fast. I ride hard all the time. I’m a beat up runner and former gymnast. The ElliptiGO allows me to get my heart rate up in a way I can’t on a regular bike. I can wander around and explore, while getting an excellent workout. I recommend the ElliptiGO to ANYONE looking for a good, fun workout on a quality machine!

    - Tom Riggs
  • Orange 3C

    I have had my ElliptiGO 3C for about three months and almost 200 miles. I ride it seven miles a day, five days a week, on bike trails and sometimes in traffic. I have ridden it up to 23 MPH, but on average it goes about 17 MPH against the wind. Considering it weighs 37 lbs, it’s a miracle I could maintain that speed for that long. But you’ll notice that it glides nicely when coasting. My ElliptiGO currently is in the bike shop to repair some hub noise and I can’t wait to get it back.

    - Francisco Arias

    Great Idea, but needs some work!

    The sound from the tracks and friction is considerable. Lots of maintenance to keep tracks free from dirt. Tires are very hard, little cushioning. For Colorado Springs I would need more lower gears. Even cheapest one is extremely expensive. Awesome idea, but needs some more work. For the price, the 11R should be carbon fiber. Great quad/hamstring workout. Too heavy.

    - Jeanne D.

    Orange & Green ElliptiGOs

    Went on my first ride this morning. Passed several serious bicycle riders. It felt like running with no impact. I felt it in my stomach muscles as well as my glutes and hamstrings. Better on your knees than running and more fun. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be a good workout because it moves with little effort. After I rode the first ten miles of a twenty mile ride, I started feeling it. Amazing! My wife and I love it.

    - Dan & Rhonda D.
  • Wow, the leg pump….

    VERY impressed with the level of full leg pump I’ve experienced. The build quality is exceptional. The welds and powdercoat are gorgeous. A first-class product. Though, I think that in a short time I’m going to want more than 3 speeds. Higher top end gears, not lower gears for hills. Bottom line, I’m going to LOVE it. I love cycling, but not the hours it takes. I like how much more effort this takes and that I’ll be able to be flogged in an hour (when I work up to that)! LOL

    - Mike Bradbury

    Liked the 3C… But for Hills I’d Need More Gears

    Overall, the ElliptiGO 3C was very easy to handle and ride, compared to other two-wheeled vehicles. For where I would ride, the 3C needed two additional lower gears. The hills on my test ride were difficult to climb without lower gears. I’m probably a better match for the ElliptiGO 8-speed product. The down-shifts were smooth to engage, but the up-shifts seemed a little “clunky.” The handlebars are comfortable and the adjustability is a good feature.

    - Paul Taylor

    The most fun I’ve had in years!

    As an avid biker and runner, I couldn’t wait to try the ElliptiGO 3C. The few times I have seen them around town, I felt very compelled–they just look fun! Needless to say, I had high expectations. After the first hundred yards, I knew those expectations would be exceeded. After the 20-minute demo, I decided to buy one! It’s nice to have a new, high-quality, low-impact, outdoor toy that’s so much fun to ride. I’m hooked!

    - Bob Fleet
  • ElliptiGO everywhere! There is no place you can’t go or wouldn’t want to take the ElliptiGO!

    Being a runner and a cyclist, the ElliptiGO appealed to me because of the ability to stand up, not being hunched over handlebars and having a low-impact, high-cardio workout. On the 3C, I was able to climb some mild hills, achieve speed on flat terrain, and get full body movement. This proved that the ultimate athlete can use it, but also the less athletic person, who wants to go outdoors and feel like getting a dose of fitness for the day, all without feeling like a workout.

    - Mary Ritter

    Injured Runner/Senior Citizen

    I absolutely love the ElliptiGO 3C. It’s so much easier on the body and so much more fun than running. The only place I ride is around my community, but it is really enjoyable. One big difference between the 3C and running: If you need a break, you can always coast. You can’t coast while running. I ride as often as possible. Four to six days per week, for minimum half an hour each time. Ellipti-GO seniors!

    - Diane C.

    ElliptiGO week 1

    I endured my first ride with the Chicagoland wind in my face. I felt like a Mack truck breaking through the wind with a lot of resistance, creating a more challenging ride. Forget the ElliptiGO 3C when you live in the Midwest. After 45 minutes, my hands felt like I had been golfing all day without gloves. The handles are not as comfortable as they could be, but I didn’t experience the aches and pain that I have with treadmills/bikes/running.

    - Mike Griffin
  • LOVE it now that I live in the right kind of place.

    I’ve had my 8C for 4 years. I’m 60; formerly-serious age group road runner and triathlete. Very comfortable upright runner posture. No impact — natural stride. I was amazed at how ‘runnerish’ the stride feels. Low-maintenance — no mechanical issues. You’re up high and it’s easy to look around. Very minor downsides. (1) not as stable as a bike steering one-handed. (2) it makes a voomp-voomp sound while striding; silent while coasting. (3) a little awkward to take somewhere unless you have a full-size pick-up.

    - Beth in Pacific Grove

    Greetings! I don’t have a question for you, …

    I’m a former Ultramarathoner and I have serious pain in my SI joints. I was very frustrated working out on the elliptical machines in the gym,and then I discovered the ElliptiGO. I have been hooked–to the point of being a fanatic–ever since. I’ve logged 13,062 Miles on it. I am incredibly impressed with the fact that throughout all of those miles I have never had a major mechanical issue with it. I get it serviced regularly. My ElliptiGO is an incredible machine and it changed my life!

    - jmulbury

    Fourth year on my ElliptiGO and loving it!

    I bought an ElliptiGO 8S almost 4 years ago. I somehow started enjoying riding my ElliptiGO more than my fancy $9K bike. I’m safer riding this bike. Health-wise, I was a very active bike rider before acquiring my ElliptiGO, but I dropped from 170 pounds to 140 pounds that first ElliptiGO year.With my ElliptiGO, I was getting a good workout and felt a greater sense of achievement on a 20-mile ride than I did on my fancy bike going 40 miles.

    - J. E. Johnson
  • I’ve had my pink ElliptiGO 8C for four years

    I’ve had my pink ElliptiGO 8C for four years…..and I still ride it consistently and happily. Best money I ever spent. One hiccup I’ve encountered: Lack of knowledgeable techs to service the bike. We have one distributor in the valley with limited knowledge. I won’t trust my ElliptiGO to the average bike guy….they tend to scratch their head and stare at it before declining. I LOVE MY ELLIPTIGO!! It’s also a great commuter vehicle.

    - Mindy Wilson

    Amazing. In case you don’t read the long review! Haha

    I recently bought an 8c which has 8 gears which is good for hill climbing. I kid you not and God knows if I am lying, I can climb any hill on the ElliptiGO that I can climb on a bike. I can easily keep up with other cyclists and even surpass them if I want to. The butter smooth elliptical/gliding effect is REALLY different from a smooth cadence on a bike but once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake! Every human is different but for me and I think many others as well, this is an enjoyable experience like no other.

    - Steven d_smith

    The way God designed us to ride!

    I currently own 4 ElliptiGOs, including an 11R. I was an avid road cyclist, but after seeing an ElliptiGO in my neighborhood, I ordered one. I never looked back. I have done multiple 100 mile rides, used it for sprint intervals for conditioning. Unlike my carbon/aero road bike, I don’t finish a long ride in a fair amount of pain. In fact, I usually feel better than when I started….tired yes, in pain, no. “Running” a century bike ride is much easier on your body than sitting on a hard seat! And yes, they are durable and easy to maintain. ENJOY!

    - Lubbock Coach
  • Great for injured runners; a better workout than a traditional bike; llamas look at you

    I bought an ElliptiGO in 2013, and have rode several thousand miles. I have found it to be big fun and a excellent workout without the impact of running – it’s the next best thing to running if you’re injured. It’s about 30% harder than biking due to the weight and lack of aerodynamic position, but that just makes it a better workout, and I can still maintain about 15 mph on the flats if I work at it (I did a 100 mile ride averaging 14.8 mph with little difficulty). I’ve been able to get up even the steepest hills.

    - Adam Engst

    I love my ElliptiGO. I use it for daily commute, family rides, and exercise/training, and have also done several long adventurous rides of hundreds of miles. I love the stand-up position; it gives a great view both of the scenery and any traffic or other things that need attention. I’ve got a bad hip and without the ElliptiGO I would certainly have had to replace it by now. It has let me put off replacement for a few years and exercise outside vigorously and completely pain-free. I love it, and have since rode well over 10,000 miles.

    - AFC

    There’s nothing like it to match the running motion in my opinion

    It’s a very durable fitness tool for the serious endurance athlete or just the average person who has experienced nagging impact related knee and hip injuries. Well built and so much fun to ride. Both, the staff at ElliptiGO and my local dealer are knowledgeable and provide excellent support. The ElliptiGO community is very well connected and helpful. There are numerous ElliptiGO events around the world which provide an excellent opportunity to meet other riders. I’ve had an 8c for four years and I’m so grateful to have found this wonderful product.

    - John Childs
  • I love my GO!

    About 5 years ago my body was really starting to break down, my knees, back and hips were starting to show some serious wear. I saw someone riding an ElliptiGO.I have now been on GO for over three years. I lost 15 pounds. I love riding it, I get the same feeling in my muscles as if I was running without the joint pain. There is no impact at all. I highly recommend the product for anyone interested in cross training, rehabbing or just plain working out away from the gym. The best part of riding a Go…it is just plain FUN!

    - Manny

    I love my GOs…

    I bought my first ElliptiGO 8C almost 4 years ago and added a second 3C a few months ago. As someone who used “The Elliptical” machines in the gyms it made so much more sense to me to take my workout outside. The ElliptiGO is a no impact running/riding machine! Be prepared to be physically rewarded and be ready to answer lots of questions about your GO. Overall, I could not be more happy with my purchase of an 8C. The ElliptiGO support team has been outstanding as well. Great value for the money!

    - L. Frank B.

    Running, riding, climbing, skiing, surfing, skating & sailing = The ElliptiGO!

    I love all three of my ElliptiGOs — an 11R, 8C and 3C. The ElliptiGO has got to be one of the best cycling devices on the market for hill climbing and downhill riding is a complete blast. As a matter of fact, generally riding the ElliptiGO is a rush. They have an awesome customer support/service department that can be reached via online or phone. My local bike shop services my ElliptiGOs and reaches out to the company when necessary for advice on service or parts needed with excellent, prompt response & delivery.

    - CLG
  • Great cross training tool with zero impact & fun!

    I love my pink 8C ElliptiGO! I am a marathon runner and love to utilize the ElliptiGO as my GO TO cross training tool. The best part is saving my legs and joints with zero impact. I run 3 days a week and use my GO 3 days a week and have qualified for the Boston Marathon for 4 consecutive years using this plan. I have done a Century ride on my GO and was really impressed how well built the GO is. The ElliptiGO climbs mountains and hills like no other. I also love the outdoors and love having the option to bike outside. I highly recommend the ElliptiGO.

    - Patti Whiting

    You won’t regret this

    I bought mine about 5 years ago and I am so happy I did. I was a lifelong runner and after a certain point, my knees and ankles couldn’t keep up. The ElliptiGO was a god-sent. It was easy to get used to. It felt a bit large at first, and hills were hard at the beginning. But it was sooo worth it though after a relatively short time. It outshines biking by far — in terms of comfort, feeling safe and cardio effect. The company, also, is totally solid. Really, really, really good customer support. Quite simply, this is a five-star product from a five-star company.

    - B.K.

    A great resource for both competitve athletes and those who just want to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors

    I’ve had an ElliptiGO for nearly 4 years and would give it 6 stars if I could. As a competitive runner, it’s been a great tool that supplements my training and allows me to remain injury free and recover faster. If you are trying an ElliptiGO for the first time, don’t worry, it’s easy to pick up and in many ways, easier to ride than a bike. Whether you are a serious athlete or are just looking for a new way to stay in shape without being confined to the indoors, the ElliptiGO is well worth the investment. GO ride!

    - Craig Leon
  • Bravo for those who created this fantastic alternative to running

    I started running in the 70’s and ran Track in college and later for the Santa Monica Track Club. I trained for the Olympics from 1970-84. My knees just couldn’t take the pounding any longer. A friend introduced me to the ElliptiGO and it has been a game changer. I ride it most every day. It is a full range of motion as close to a real running as I can get. It also works your core. With the ElliptiGO I can also do interval training, fartleks, easy, tempo runs or long easy runs of upwards of a couple of hours. I love it and hope to ride it into my nineties.

    - JM144

    Four Stars

    It needs more high gears for flat land, other than that is is great

    - McKinleypep

    Absolutely LOVE My ElliptiGO 8c!!

    My wife bought me an ElliptiGO 8c in 2013 and I have been an ElliptiGO advocate ever since! As a 3x Boston Marathon runner and 10+ marathon finisher who has advanced in age, I’m amazed at how awesome it is to get out on my ElliptiGO and basically run without impact! I love that I can get outdoors and get my heart rate cranking and experience that runner’s high on my ElliptiGO!! Once you have ridden one you will understand the ElliptiGO addiction!

    - Clay W.
  • I can’t run any more. I ride an ElliptiGO bike.

    I can’t run any more. I ride an ElliptiGO bike. That’s my outlet, and it’s the closest thing to running that isn’t running. I feel as if I was born to run, but I can’t. But I think I have arrived at a good place.

    - Mary Decker-Slaney

    Thousands of miles later I haven’t felt this good since my twenties

    The ElliptiGO has been my “fountain of youth”. After three back surgeries eliminated running and active competitive sports from my athletic repertoire, I felt alot older than my age. Then I saw my first ElliptiGO, and almost 5 years and thousands of miles later I haven’t felt this good since my early twenties. And I haven’t wanted to get back on a bicycle ever since. Truly like running without impact!!!

    - PMD

    What a Ride!

    I bought mine in 2012 and it has been quite a ride ever since. After a test ride at a bike shop, I was hooked! It was fun. The ElliptiGO has truly given me a second wind for life. The customer service at ElliptiGO has been awesome and everyone in the private group on Facebook is also willing to offer advice and help with questions. Plus, ElliptiGO has support videos for each model on their website. The GO is for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to have fun getting or staying in shape!!

    - Katie B
  • Amazing overall and best thing for my back

    I’ve owned for mine for more than 4 years. I initially purchased for cross training for a marathon. But I ended up herniating a disc and gave up on running. I then decided to use ElliptiGO as my primary exercise. The 8C is fine for hills but after a couple years I did upgrade to an 11R. It’s been fun, reliable, and easy to deal with. People typically worry about ‘aren’t you afraid of falling over’ – short answer NO. The center of gravity is higher but it’s very natural. Still one of my best fitness investments ever.

    - Michael Colbert

    You will love this bike!

    My wife and I have this bike. I cannot say enough good about it. While it is a bit costly, it is TOTALLY worth it. It is very different from anything else out there. My weight has improved……and I’ve had fun while improving it. There is excellent and prompt company support too if you have any questions. Note……starting and stopping protocol [getting on and off] must be learned, but it’s no big deal and soon becomes automatic. You will truly love this machine!

    - Dennis J Myers

    If you don’t have fun working out you’re going to quit

    I have been riding my ElliptiGO for 3 years. I’m a big guy, I lost 35lbs. in the first 5 months of riding. My back and butt never hurt, no leaning forward or sitting down. If you don’t have fun working out you’re going to quit. This is FUN. I know it’s a bit of an investment but you won’t regret it. The weight I’ve lost and good health I’ve gained has put me on a good track for a longer and much healthier life. By the way I’m 51, I ride 10 to 15 miles a day and I average 12 to 14 miles an hour. Buy one! you won’t regret it.

    - Cory Cole
  • Average Guy Learning to Love ElliptiGO

    I have tried to stay active through the years and last year at the age of 55, decided to get into running. I actually bought an ElliptiGO to help me cross-train for running. The bike itself has been great. It is made with top-quality parts that are easy to maintain and service. Their website is wonderful. So far I have been able to learn how to do all the required maintenance just by watching the service videos on their website and I have never worked on a bike before. For me, the ElliptiGO seems to be the answer I have been looking for.

    - Steven A. Hay

    Great Alternative To Running

    I was an avid runner up until a couple of years ago when my knees said no more running. My orthopedist recommended I try bike riding so I bought a nice Trek. After a couple of months I couldn’t stand the discomfort in my backside so I started searching for an alternative and discovered the ElliptiGO. The unique experience of standing up while riding gives you a new perspective on your surroundings. Buying an 8C is on the expensive side but in my opinion it was money well spent. I am now able to exercise at the same level I did as a runner but without any of the pain.

    - James D. Hopson

    So, so great!

    I’ve had the ElliptiGO 8 speed for several years. As a former runner with a neurological disease that ended my running career in my 20s, I was constantly looking for something which would allow me to get outside and recapture that old feeling. This is it! The product is, in my experience, highly durable and requires very little maintenance. You can workout as hard or as easily as you want and go for as long as you want and it takes surprisingly little time to feel comfortable and in control of the machine, even in light traffic.

    - TheloniusMick
  • Love My ElliptiGO

    Love My ElliptiGO.Retired Army. Back issues and this thing ROCKS! What a way to burn calories and have FUN! Highly recommended!!! Already logged over 250 miles in about three weeks.. Easy to ride and lots of fun!! Highly Recommended!!!

    - retiredarmyguy

    For The Serious Workout Fiend

    Awesome piece of equipment for the exercise fiend. Have been an avid runner for 33 years and was never able to find anything to duplicate the workout. Neither biking or swimming did it for me and the indoor elliptical at my gym was just that…..’indoors’. If you are willing to put out the effort you will get an awesome workout on this and without the pounding. I just upgraded to the 11R. It’s worth every penny and the folks at this company are very supportive. They are extremely responsive. Great product with a solid support!

    - Rich

    Brooke Hargreaves

    I own an 8S. It has been almost all 3 years and it is the best decision I’ve made! Having had broken and dislocated knees unable for full rotation, along with back issues, I can no longer pound the pavement and run. My elliptigo was a great reintroduction into fitness. Really good cardio and a full body workout. Plus the online community around the world is a bonus! My suggestion is to go for the 8C if you have relatively flat areas with some incline, but if I had to buy another I’d choose the 11R for the extra gears and because of the carbon fibre.

    - The time to hesitate is through!
  • The best ride ever

    I have own an ElliptiGO 8 for about 5 years now and I have decided to never ride a traditional bike again. I love this bike. I go on long rides and at the end of the ride I’m tired but not sore. There is a difference. People love to comment on the bike almost every time I ride it. It’s fun to brag about it. It’s like butter–very smooth, and some time it feels like I’m skiing. I recommend this bike-in fact I give it 10 stars!!!

    - Judith Ann Cotsakos

    Zero regrets.

    Traffic. I sit in it a lot. I spend 45 minutes to an hour to drive 13 miles to work. That’s time I could be doing something else. One day, I thought, “Maybe I could bike to work!” But then I remembered why I don’t ride bicycles. No matter what kind of saddle I got, I always got tingly in spots that ought not get tingly when riding a bike. Then one day I see the ElliptiGO, and I instantly buy one. I did very little research. I haven’t regretted this decision at all.I’ve had mine for 3 years now, and still enjoy riding it.

    - Piet Barber

    Love this machine

    The ElliptiGO has made it possible for me to be a runner, after two years of chronic injury. It is an amazing no-impact run workout that actually strengthens muscle groups that running has neglected for me (glutes and hamstrings), so it’s not just a running replacement, but a way to improve running performance and address injury. Assembly was easy, done in an hour or so. Putting it on my Kinetic bike trainer with the adapter was very tricky, but it’s worth the time to be able to train during the winter.

    - K Pinto
  • Great for Cross Training for Race Training

    I have had the ElliptiGO 8C for almost 3 years. I am a runner and a swimmer and 60+ year-old female. I am primarily a competitive runner – I still race to win my age group. I use the GO primarily as a cross-training tool. Being able to put more miles on my legs, but saving the wear and tear on my legs. The only drawback I have is the price. I would love to have purchased an 11R, but the cost was just beyond my reach at the time.

    - Birdlegs

    Not only was I able to keep up my fitness but I was having fun at the same time

    I have owned my ElliptiGO 8C for almost 2 years and have put over 2000 miles on it. My longest ride has been 45 miles, but I am working up to going 100. I am back to running but use the ElliptiGO for cross-training. It is very easy to ride. I use the 11R for outdoor riding and have the 8C on an indoor trainer for those days where I can’t make it outside. I believe in this bike and encourage anyone who is thinking about purchasing one to pull the trigger. This is truly one of the best investments I have ever made.

    - Bman

    I eventually went to try one out and liked it enough to purchase the 8C

    After 3 knee surgeries and lower back issues my doctor advised me to do something lower impact than running. I read an article about the ElliptiGO and how Meb was using it to supplement his training. I went to try one out and purchased the 8C. I have now been riding it for a while and I am hooked. It has given me the workout that I so desperately missed. I was able to get my heart rate up, strengthen my legs and core, and get the endorphins flowing again. This is the perfect product for those that can no longer run or run as much as they would like to.

    - Brian B.
  • Great workout, loads of fun

    I have been riding the ElliptiGO 8 for about 5 years. The ElliptiGO is a better workout than a road bike. I get the same level of exercise riding the ElliptiGO for two hours compared to 3 hours on my road bike. It is much easier on my neck, back, and needless to say my butt. I am also safer on the ElliptiGO compared to the road bike since I am taller than the cars. Did I mention fun? It is easy to maintain and it has been trouble free. All I do is take it in the shop for an annual maintenance. You’ll be glad you purchased the ElliptiGO.

    - Cardiff Dad


    The ElliptiGO is even better than what I could have imagined, it’s easy to ride, able to climb any hill and truly fun! You’re also able to go faster and further than you could running, without the impact. It’s the best of running and cycling! As an elite runner, I use it to supplement my running. During times of injury, it is my go-to cross training tool. It’s also great for former runners and anyone trying to improve their fitness. The ElliptiGO team and facebook group are fantastic. Don’t hesitate to join this wonderful community of riders!

    - Betsy G

    Awesome machine

    I would have given this 5 stars but for one annoyance that I’m not sure can be engineered out of it. Because your weight shifts slightly from side to side while cycling, it tends to cause the front wheel to turn slightly with each step. Similar to pedaling while standing on a bike but with a heavier, longer frame and smaller wheels. Maybe it will improve as my technique sharpens? Having said that, the workout is amazing (way more than a bike) and it definitely puts the fun back into working out.

    - PAHunter
  • Making a Master runner stronger, faster and training like MEB with every stride!

    I’ve had my 8C just about two years and ridden thousands of miles. I’m a master runner who was looking for that “edge” over those around me in my age group of runners, and….this is the ticket! Now I can take a cross-training day without fear of losing my fitness! In fact, it has only enhanced it. I get an equal, if not better cardio workout on days when I shouldn’t be “pounding the pavement”. The customer service from ElliptiGO has been totally AWESOME! If you’re serious about cross-training, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase- ever!

    - Marathoner262

    … riding the ElliptiGO for over 4 years and thoroughly enjoy the product

    I have been riding the ElliptiGO for over 4 years. It is the perfect hybrid between running and biking…running without the pounding on the joints and riding without the irritation of the soft tissue (I have early stage prostate cancer). I like standing tall and being more visible to motorists. I find the 8C is perfect for hills and even steep climbs in low gear. I am approaching 60 and find the ElliptiGO to be the perfect exercise for someone my age who wants to be outdoors, cover a lot of miles, get a great workout, and avoid injuries.

    - Barry M

    Great for Injured Runners and Anyone Who wants to Have Fun Working Out!

    The ElliptiGO is an incredible machine! Having been told I wouldn’t be able to run for at least a year, I bought the ElliptiGO. The ElliptiGO was used as part of my rehab and now is being used in my marathon training. I credit the use of the ElliptiGO during my rehab for being able to get back to running much sooner. It is a great workout without impact on my joints. It is a solid, well built machine from a company that truly cares about their customers. I am passionate about riding the ElliptiGO as it has been a lifesaver for me.

    - C Matzek
  • Life changing bike for injured athletes

    I am an injured triathlete. During my recovery I was confined to an indoor Elliptical machine. I was missing the outdoors like crazy. Until I discovered the ElliptiGO. I found myself putting miles on my new piece of equipment. But best of all, it felt great!! I do not feel any pain at all while “ElliptiGOing”. In fact, when I’m hurting all it takes is a good “Ellipti-ride” and pain goes away. In summary the ElliptiGO has been life-changing for me. I recommend the ElliptiGO to everyone, injured or not injured athletes.

    - Kermit Richiez

    I figured if it was good enough for the Stanford University runners (Kathy Kroeger and …

    Last year three weeks after a full hip replacement I ordered the ElliptiGO 8C. I figured if it was good enough for the Stanford University runners (Kathy Kroeger and Lauren Fleshman) it was good enough for me. This year on my birthday (my 62nd) I celebrated by riding my ElliptiGO 62 miles. It has been a great replacement for running. I can get in long hard workouts or recovery rides with NO pounding. I just wish I had it 30+ years ago so I could have used it as cross training for my running.

    - JB

    Gets you way fitter than the Elliptical! – Review from a Pro Triathlete

    Like many high level endurance athletes, I scoffed at the first time I saw an ElliptiGO. But now that I’ve ridden one for several months, I’m really impressed with the ElliptiGO 8c and the variety of applications it offers. It’s way better at improving my fitness than I expected, and clearly has some nice side benefits (i.e. commuting) as well.

    - Matthew Sheeks
  • LOVE IT!!!

    I’ve owned my ElliptiGO 8C for two years now and I absolutely love it. I am a 48-year-old orthopedic surgeon who has chronic low back pain and occasional knee pain. The ElliptiGO allows me to get a great cardiovascular workout and a great leg muscle workout with no impact and no back pain. The downsides of the ElliptiGO are that it is large and heavy so it’s not easy to transport anywhere and it is not nearly as stable as a bicycle. That said, when I ride my bike, people wave and smile as they wonder what the heck just went flying by them.

    - A. Jana

    If you’re a runner you need this!

    I’m a distance runner and have never really enjoyed biking as I don’t like to sit for long periods of time. Bothers my back. Got the ElliptiGO about 6 weeks ago and absolutely love it. Great workout–way more than standard biking. Fantastic cross training for runners–particularly when injured. I’m rehabbing some Achilles issues and starting training for my second marathon and this is just what I need. Pricey but worth it since it keeps me running!

    - buffalogal

    You Gotta Ride One of These!

    I love the elliptical at the gym, but holy cow it gets boring. I decided to search for a way to take the elliptical outside and found ElliptiGO. I get my endorphins going every time I ride, and am able to keep my heart rate in the training zone for longer periods of time, unlike at the gym. I was curious how hard it would be to ride, but it was simple…..pretty much just step on and go! The folks at ElliptiGO HQ are very helpful and supportive, plus there is an online group. ElliptiGO rocks!!!

    - Steve in Florida
  • A fun, reliable, and effective exercise machine!

    I actually own what I think is the very first ElliptiGO model – the 8S. I have had it for 5 years now and I love it. It gives me a great workout and is fun. It is enjoyable to ride in an upright position. No, it’s not really aerodynamic, but then that just adds to the workout intensity. I have been a runner my entire adult life (I’m 56 now) and although I still run, I can’t do it as often without injury. I have never had any mechanical or other problem with my ElliptiGO. It is well made. A pleasure to ride.

    - Linda Collins

    The best workout is the one you do.

    I LOVE MY ELLIPTIGO!!! I’m an ex-triathlete, marathoner, lacrosse and rugby player, but I had stopped training and my conditioning suffered. Riding the elliptigo is fun. It’s a great workout. It’s safer than biking (due to increased visibility and because it’s unique and catches people’s attention). Better on your joints than biking and running. But its superpower is that it’s FUN. The best workout is the one you do consistently.

    - Terrible Tank

    The Fountain of Youth

    Actually have the special edition 8C Meb. I call it our “Fountain of Youth”. Now we use it every week and no more ankle, knee or hip soreness. We both turn 5-6 minute miles on it. Granted this is a wheeled machine but the aerobic workout is just as intense as if your feet were touching the ground running. Why punish yourself when you feel like flying when you are on an ElliptiGO. I’d recommend the ElliptiGO for anyone. Great workout, great quality, great fun.

    - Don
  • Three knee replacements later and I‚Äôm back exercising

    I’ve always been a very active person, but unfortunately have had a great deal of trouble with my knees. I was looking for another form of exercise that I can enjoy pain-free. I saw an ElliptiGO and decided to research it. I got the 8C and it was very easy to learn to ride. I am now riding 10-20 miles per day and I love it. It’s amazing to finally have a way to get cardio in without having to be at the gym. The ElliptiGO gives me this freedom and it has given me my life back. I cannot recommend it enough.

    - Barry Koff

    Buy It or at least test drive one

    I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 32 years and have to exercise on a regular basis. I saw the ElliptiGO on TV . Decided to try one at a local Bike shop near me. Haven’t stopped riding since. It keeps me healthy and it’s so much fun, 4000 plus miles and it still rides like new. Very durable and built to last. One more thing the service department couldn’t be more helpful. So happy with the ElliptiGO. It has more than paid for itself. Great investment.

    - Todd

    EllitiGO 8S

    In July 2013 I bought an ElliptiGO 8S in Australia. The GO has been part of my regular fitness regime.
    It’s brilliant low impact engineering has allowed me to run without impact.
    My asthma is under control and I feel like a kid again riding the GO out and about.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

    - David
  • Injured runner flies again!

    Not sure if I’ll ever run again. This device gives me the motion of running, but with no impact. I feel no pain when I ride (but my thighs get a good burn)!! I’m very happy with my 8C! I have a great workout, & it’s fun too. I was on the fence about getting the entry level model or the 8C. I’m glad I decided to go with the 8C because of the extra gears. My neck of the woods is a little hilly. But on even terrain, I still find myself riding at level 5. Awesome product! It’s saved my sanity.

    - Jana

    The ElliptiGO is a Life Saver

    I am a 59 year who was very athletic. I have had bilateral hip replacement , greatly impacting my life and health. Initially, I tried distance walking, stair climbing, and drastic changes in my eating habits with limited results.

    Then I heard about the ElliptiGO bike and was greatly encouraged. I’ve built up my daily routine to a greater than twenty mile daily workout. Thanks to the ElliptiGO bike, I have lost weight, experience no pain in my thighs, hips and low back, and my doctor is happy. For me, the ElliptiGO has literally been a life-saver.

    - Glenn

    Sore Muscles not Joints!

    My wife and I both suffer from a variety of injuries. We saw the ElliptiGO online and decided to give it a try and purchased an 8C. We were immediately hooked! What we like most are: 1)No special clothing –You just put your helmet on and go. And of course, no saddle soreness. 2)We love the low impact. After riding, our muscles are sore but our joints are not. 3)We are outside! 4)We are standing up and can see the world around us. 5)Surprised by the workout 6)Lastly, I’ve called the company a couple times. Awesome customer service!

    - Rodney
  • Over 13,000 Miles and I Love My 8C!!!

    I bought an ElliptiGO 8C three years ago and it has changed my life! In those three years I’ve logged just over 13,000 miles on it without a single mechanical problem, only routine maintenance. When I was frustrated from recurring injuries (SI joints, lower legs, others) my ElliptiGO saved me! It let me get a great, fun workout that’s as close to running as you can get, all with no impact. The ElliptiGO is by far the best investment I ever made in fitness equipment. Remarkable product!!!

    - John M.

    Best Exercise Purchase EVER

    Being a retired Army guy my body has been through the wringer! This bike is worth it’s weight in gold! If you’re thinking about buying one-stop thinking and do it! I dropped 25 pounds in 6 weeks. Proper nutrition and lots of fun riding! What an experience! 🙂

    - Curt C.

    Great Workout & Fun

    I rode one at a local bike shop, I loved it so much I ordered one 3 days later. Not being able to run anymore due to knee surgery, I was looking for another way to exercise while having fun. The ElliptiGO is just that. I am pain free after every ride. I’ve been riding to & from work everyday. It’s very comfortable and a lot of fun. I think runners would love this as well to keep in shape while taking a break from running and for those who cannot run. No more boring hours in the gym on a machine for me. I Love It.

    - Bobby J.

    JUST what I needed -getting older – had to cut my running down, due to joint & foot pain. Can’t believe I love this so much..as good as or better than running. Very intense happy workout….or you can go easy. The GO is perfect for me for those reasons, It also allows me variety in my workouts: bike one day, kayak another, jog/hike, then the GO. I’m never bored. The $? It’s WORTH IT! Health & happiness are everything. I just get happy every time I get on. I have had mine for months. I am still in love.

    - Joan S.


    For starters this concept is brilliant- I have 12 damaged discs in my spine and had no viable outlet for “no impact” exercise. My back is so bad I cannot even swim. Then along comes the ElliptiGO. Amazing piece of equipment which is helping me regain my conditioning and strength I had prior to my accident(s)—- it is absolutely amazing and provides me with a superb workout- I have owned it for a month and I am doing 8-10 miles a day and it is just awesome. Great exercise NO IMPACT.

    - Derek V.

    Beyond All Expectations

    I waited 2 months after I bought my Eliptigo 8C before reviewing. I’m a marathon runner and cross country coach. I needed another form of training and riding a road bike is very painful to my back and shoulders. I wanted to see if the workouts helped with my endurance and overall fitness so I stopped running entirely for the first two months. When I started running again I hadn’t lost any endurance and my legs and core are much stronger than before. I recommend the Eliptigo to everybody looking to improve their level of fitness.

    - Chris E.
  • Amazing!

    I’m a 68 year old former runner, with an injured back and arthritic knees. I was certain that my outdoor aerobic exercise days were over, and then I purchased my ElliptiGO. It’s unbelievable!! Although I don’t yet have my legs or cardiac-pulmonary capacity back, I have used the ElliptiGO every day since I purchased it, have had amazing (although short!!) workouts, have zero pain anywhere in my body, and am enjoying the hell out of the post-exercise ‘high’ I never expected to experience again.

    - Mike

    A Lot of Fun

    My wife had been talking about the ElliptiGO for awhile. She has been active in sports since she was 12 and the ElliptiGO not only gives her an awesome workout, but its really alot of fun too. The company has one thing in mind: your personal satisfaction with their product. They are not satisfied with a sale until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Believe me ,they proved it to us. We are 100% satisfied with the ElliptiGO, the company, and the service they have provided to us.

    - Rick M.

    ElliptiGO after stress fracture

    I am two months post a femoral neck stress fracture, and the docs finally cleared me to try elliptical work. I purchased my 8C a few weeks ago in anticipation of this day, wanting desperately to feel the road again. I’ve now ridden roughly a dozen times on my 8C. The bottom line: This is worth every penny. Zero impact and a return to the feel of moving outdoors. It is an amazing feeling and now a part of my crosstraining regiment. You won’t regret this.

    - Eric H.
  • wake me up b4 U Go Go

    I love my black beauty 8S!!! I love her so much that I vacillated from my normal blog musings of mud and ultra running to devote and entire post to her merits! She helps me to increase my miles while taking the pressure off my narly ole stress fractured feet….I glide like a Amazon hunter in required saftey gear down street after street with beauty! My only complaint is that folks have nary an issue stopping me mid glide to ask me endless questions about beauty.

    - Jackie T.


    I am a regular runner and as a runner you have a lot of injuries. This bike changed by training and my life. It is awesome!!! Great cardio and great workout!!!!

    - Michael G.


    I purchased the 8C last year and immediately saw its benefits as a complement to my running. Unfortunately I tore my quadriceps in late October but the 8C has been the best product for my rehab, as my running has been curtailed. If used as a workout tool, it will mimic the burn and “runner’s high” as well. Lastly, the folks at ElliptiGO are super nice, and willing to support others. Just the type of support one would want from such a great company and product.

    - Rich
  • awesome fun elliptical bike

    I love my new 8C. It’s awesome; I even have a horn on mine, as well as 2 bike lights for when I go night riding. It’s so fun. I love working out on this machine. It’s just so fun and also you feel as if you’re not even on a big elliptical bike. It’s lightweight and even fun to go downhill.

    - Sarah W.

    Exceeds Expectations!!!

    I am a 54 year old former collegiate swimmer who migrated into triathlons where running quickly became my “New Favorite Discipline”. Running and arthritis took its toll on feet, knees and finally lower back. I have been using the 8C for almost a year now and it has been fantastic. Having ridden bikes for years, it was a pleasure to say goodbye to the often uncomfortable bike seat! I have been able to return running and my 5k times are about the same as when I was running 3 times the mileage.

    - Justin B.

    The Best

    I’m finally back outdoors!! After several years stuck on indoor machines due to a knee and hip replacement, I’m finally back on the trail! I lost 100 pounds 4 years ago and have maintained the loss with regular cardio. My bike lets me continue my exercise efforts in the freedom of the outdoors. Love it!

    - Mark V.
  • Love It, Love It, Love It

    I am almost a 62 year old grandma, I have had 2 knee replacements, my back fused twice and this is the only exercise I have been able to do without hurting. I get on and just start going and don’t want to stop. I can’t ride a bike because of the angle it puts my back and neck in. I can’t run because of knee replacements. I have always been active and now I can once again be active and outside. I ride 5 to 6 nights a week and it is so great. Thank you for giving my life back.

    - Judy B.

    ElliptoGo 8C review

    I was looking for a more intense workout, outdoors, standing up. This is the perfect solution. A very high quality bike that I’m burning twice as many calories on per one hour ride. Perfect!

    - Denny M.

    Love the ElliptiGO

    I’m a 50 year old woman with not an athletic bone in my body. I contemplated buying an indoor elliptical, which I could not use outside and my bike that I rode very little outside because it hurt my lower back and butt. I decided my health was worth the price for an ElliptiGO. Now I own something I use “every day.” I get the exercise I need for my body and strengthen my bones from the weight bearing and the best benefit of all… it is FUN!

    - Shelly K.
  • hooked

    Saw it online, tried it – and was hooked from the test drive. I cycle, inline skate, and play tennis, but this thing takes the cake! I bought the 2011 8C and love the fact that it’s a bit lighter and the handlebar stem folds down.

    - Melissa W.

    Ready to sell my other bikes

    We are in our late 50s and love the ElliptiGOs. No more pain in the butt. No more lycra or special shoes. I do try to wear some type of hi-vis top for safety and I always wear a helmet. After every ride we feel nicely used, no impact on joints and nothing hurts. In my opinion riding the ElliptiGO is more physical exertion than riding a bike but not as strenuous as running. If you want a great workout pedal faster and if you are into touring that day, slow it down.

    - Tom D.

    No More Pain

    I had a sprain of the right knee and a tear of the medial meniscus and a few fibers of the anterior footprint of the ACL. The bottom line: I could not exercise, jog, run and walking was painful. I decided to purchase the 8C to use it for low impact exercise. I rode this machine 3 times per week for 30 mile rides. As my muscles increased, the pain decreased and in about 6 months the right knee tear of the medial meniscus healed. Today I enjoy a pain free life and exercise. Thank you ElliptiGO!

    - Erick S.
  • Saved my knees!

    I have been riding an 8 speed ElliptiGO for 2 years now (8S, precursor to the 8C) and it has saved my knees. I am 53 and was addicted to running every day (including a ten year streak without a day less than 5 miles), and had chronic knee pain. Since switching my hard workouts to the ElliptiGO, my knees are completely better. Recently, I was able to ride in comfort for 9 hours proudly completing my first century!

    - Eric K.

    The ElliptiGO is extending my running career

    After over a dozen marathons, I believed that my running career had ended when diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knees. I started spinning with a bicycle on a trainer but couldn’t obtain the same workout as running. I purchased an 8C and it exceeded expectations. Riding outside is exhilarating – I experienced a very similar heart rate to running. Riding it inside on my trainer provides a better full body workout on the legs and core compared to spinning. Most importantly, I have no knee pain.

    - Jay F.

    GO for the best

    I had torn a meniscus while playing tennis and after the surgery the doctor said I could play tennis but not jog anymore. My wife takes water aerobics and her teacher has a GO that he rides around 60 miles a day instead of driving. When I saw his GO, I had to try it and rented one for a week. Then I HAD to buy one! Is there any way I can give this review 10 stars instead of 5?

    - Ken C.
  • Beyond My Expectations

    I love my ElliptiGO 8C. With 1940 miles logged since June last year, it has been used more than any other piece of exercise equipment I have ever owned. Unlike other equipment, my usage and enthusiasm is increasing over time. I cannot say enough about the great service ElliptiGO provides. Both the ElliptiGO and the service I have received from ElliptiGO have far exceeded the high expectations I had when I purchased my “GO.”

    - David C.

    I love the elliptiGO!

    I love the ElliptiGO! I have patella-femoral arthritis in both knees and can no longer run. Although I am able to do most cross training, I really miss the ability to go for a run! The ElliptiGO feels like I am running. I use it while coaching alongside my athletes on runs and also have my athletes use it when they are slightly dinged up to prevent injuries. Instead of them feeling isolated and going to cross train on their own, they are able to train right with the team.

    - Rose M.

    very positive experience

    My personal experience with my ElliptiGO 8C has been very positive. The ElliptiGO gives a workout very comparable to a stationary elliptical machine. I was somewhat surprised as the ElliptiGO involves some coasting, but average HRs don’t lie and mine is about the same on both. The ElliptiGO is far superior to cycling and swimming for me. The ElliptiGO is quite easy to get the hang of riding. In short I love my Elliptigo 8C. GREAT PRODUCT.

    - Mark I.
  • Awesome workout & fun to ride!

    I’m a 9x Ironman. That’s the awesome part. The less awesome part is I’ve already had 4 hip replacements at 46 years old. I’m worried about longevity of my body parts. I needed to find a new way to train hard, increase my fitness and really feel like I was pushing myself to the next level without pounding the crap out of my joints. On the ElliptiGO, my heart rate is right up there where it is when I run and the core workout is far superior to running. And the best part is it’s a BLAST to ride.

    - Robyn B.

    Very Popular!!!

    I wish I could tell you about the great time I have riding my ElliptiGO up hills, over bridges, on flat through parks BUT I continually get stopped, lol… “What is that?”, “Where did you get it from?”, “I want one!!” I love my ElliptiGO 8C.

    - Michael B.

    Super Satisfied

    As a former runner frustrated by so many leg injuries as I get older, I was intrigued but skeptical about the GO. Now, having ridden one for awhile I can say that is is a blast to ride, much better than cycling, and is a high quality product. I’m convinced that this will be a huge sport within a few years.

    - John C.
  • Oh yea

    Completed my first ride on my new 8c. My son asked me how it went and I replied, just what it should be – hard and awesome. Runners high without the strain on my back and knees. Why did I wait so long to buy this bike?!

    - Chris K.

    What a machine!

    The ElliptiGO is an outstanding product. I have ridden an ElliptiGO for almost 3 years now. I have a background in competitive rowing, inline skate racing, and bicycle touring. The ElliptiGO is a machine adapted to the way people naturally move, unlike a bicycle which asks the rider to adapt to the motion of the machine. On my ElliptiGO, I stand comfortably upright with everything aligned, taking smooth walking or running strides. It feels great every time.

    - Carl Y.

    ElliptiGO 8C

    I am a current half marathon and 5k runner and I have been through many knee and hip injuries. I am currently recovering from a knee injury and have not been able to run for over 10 months. I bought the ElliptiGO 8C and I can ride it pain free. This is the best cross training tool for all runners and the best recovery tool for injured runners. This ElliptiGO climbs the very steep hills around me easily. The ElliptiGO 8C was definitely worth the money!!!

    - Alan S.
  • Ex-cyclist total health transformation

    I’ve never been a runner, but I used to enjoy cycling – mostly commuting to work in UK. 6 years ago I got L4/L5 disc issues which meant I moved to a recumbent bike. Good for my leg muscles but not much else. When I moved to USA, I saw the ElliptiGO and thought that would be good way to cycle without stressing my back. Now I commute and ride over 100 miles a week. I’ve lost 30lbs since I started a year ago and my blood pressure has come way down. The ElliptiGO also works my core muscles too!

    - Bill P.

    Nordic Skiing, ski mountaineering and Running x-training

    As a long time (48 yo) cyclist, nordic skier, ski mountaineering and running enthusiast, I was looking for something to use to simulate indoor nordic and uphill skiing as well as support increasing running distances. I love this machine – best I’ve found for nordic training and super for long run training without the impact. I’m an avid cyclist, but supporting your own weight and not sitting hunched over seems so much better…it’s well worth the $$!

    - Patrick c.

    54 year old engineer and marathoner getting back to running

    I have been a passionate sportsman all my life and became a very ambitious marathon runner. During the last 3 years, I encountered problems with my Achilles tendon and had to stop running completely for a year. Now after almost 2 years of using the ElliptiGO to commute to my office plus training on the weekend, it has helped me to get back to running 10 kilometers without being in pain afterwards. The ElliptiGO is one of the best sports equipment I ever used!

    - Georg e.
  • The best crosstraining workout you will ever get

    A well-made amazing piece of equipment, best money I ever spent on exercise. I have had my 8C for about 6 weeks. It exceeds everything all the reviews indicated. I am 57 and was looking for something different and easier on my knees. I have done triathlons, P90, Crossfit etc. The ElliptiGO is hands-down the best workout I have ever done.

    - Chris r.


    I just rode my new 8C for the first time. The two things that stood out most were that it was easier to establish balance and get the hang of the ride than I thought it would be, and the second thing is that I got a much better work out after 40 miles than I do on my bike on the same route. A great addition to my fitness routine.

    - Steve a.

    Absolutely Incredible…SO worth the investment

    What an unbelievable workout, but FUN too! The price seems high until you learn a bit about the machine. I can now say that it is worth every dime! If you’re looking for an indoor/regular elliptical of the same quality as the ElliptiGO (like Precor/Life Fitness) you’re up in the $3000-$5000 range…This is WAY more fun. I went in to Leisure Fitness in Tysons Corner looking for a regular elliptical and walked out with an 8C. So happy I did. Thank you, Leisure Fitness. THANK YOU, ELLIPTIGO!!

    - Christopher M.
  • strength and health trainer

    Simply the best piece of equipment for recreation and exercise I have ever owned. I am 58 years old and have a business named Ageless Strength. My day usually starts with taking my dog a golden doodle for a run each day. I ride my ElliptiGO and she willingly runs beside me. I have used my bike every day since I bought it over a year and half ago. It has never had a mechanical problem. The bike is so easy on the joints and there is no impact like other cardio forms of exercise.

    - Richard d.

    I have an 8 speed and LOVE it.

    I love this thing! It is like dancing on the pedals. You do not know you are exercising with this ElliptiGO, as it is so much fun. When I stop and the fresh air stops hitting me, more sweat pours down the center of my back than when I was running. I am an injured runner and this has kept me in tip-top shape.

    - Diane s.


    Purchased the 8C approximately 2 weeks ago. What a awesome style bike. Normally I ride 20 -50 miles a week. Yesterday I rode approximately 20 miles to City Island and back. If anyone knows the area of Ores Bridge Road, made it up the hill with ease! So much like skiing and biking at the same time. Numerous friends rode our bike over the weekend and greatly enjoy it.

    - Robert M.
  • Wow!

    What a coincidence that Benjamin Cheever writes about the ElliptiGO in the July 2012 issue of Runner’s World. I too was looking for the ultimate cross trainer device that allowed me to rest my lower back but mimicked the highs and satisfaction I get from my 29 years of running. My GO arrived and I immediately did 9 hard miles. WOW, it’s true! It does give you same the aerobic high and satisfaction as running while also providing the needed rest that obsessive runners like Ben and myself require.

    - Rich K.

    Still great after 3,500 miles *Updated Review*

    I purchased my ElliptiGO about a year ago and my only regret is not purchasing it sooner. It has proven to be worth every penny and more. I am an ex-football player, ex-basketball player, ex-skier, and ex-marathoner who had 2 major back surgeries and 2 major knee surgeries. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the ElliptiGO, but after 3500 miles, my ElliptiGO continues to go strong. I had some technical glitches, but ElliptiGO was great in working them out for me. Needless to say, I am a big fan!

    - Tom r.

    My Pink 8C <3

    I’m a 6’2″ female and find the elliptical machines at the gym don’t have the stride length that my GO has. On my GO, I have no joint pain or numbness in my feet unlike the ellipticals at the gym. I can’t wait for the arrival of my stationary trainer to arrive…Really can’t wait for spring to hit the open road!

    - Becky c.
  • Pink elliptigo 8c

    The best thing I have ever bought!!! I got the stationary trainer and I’m addicted!! At first I thought it was going to be extremely easy like the ellipticals in gyms but I sweat more in 30 minutes on my stationary trainer than I ever did in an hour at the gym on regular ellipticals!! If you’re thinking about it, then go for it!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

    - Brooke m.

    Stand Up and Ride!

    Cross-Ttraining on the ElliptiGO over the past six months propelled me to my first podium appearance at the Nautica Malibu Classic Triathlon. My finish time was 10 minutes faster than four previous attempts. Can’t say enough about this brilliant machine. Stand up and ride!!

    - Michael B. Bloom

    The “sickest” bike in Derry

    At least that’s what all the kids say..I think it’s a compliment! I was on the bike just 10 weeks out of spine fusion surgery and have been using the ElliptiGO as my therapy vehicle. My surgeon viewed the video on the website and gave it his blessing as long as I didn’t push it. Now the ElliptiGO lets me enjoy my recovery period. I am looking forward to my first century ride on the ElliptiGO in the spring!

    - George A. Armstead
  • Injured Runner review

    I’m a 50 year old competitive runner that gets frequently sidelined due to achilles/calf injuries. I bought an 8C 2 weeks ago and am absolutely thrilled with it. Although I currently walk with a limp due to injury, I can get on the 8C and ride 50 miles with absolutely no pain. What’s even more amazing is that I can get up the next day and do a 25 miler without difficulty. This just shows that an ElliptiGO workout is very low impact.

    - Jeffery H. Hines

    Exactly what I’d been searching for…

    My fitness level has slowly decreased over the last few years due to knee problems inhibiting my running and discomfort on bike seats. The ElliptiGO was a perfect solution. My 8C climbs the steep hills of the RPV peninsula with ease and glides smooth just like a stationary elliptical in a gym. There is no discomfort, it’s an awesome cardio burn and it inspires a lot of fun curious looks from observers as I pass. I wish I could marry it because I’m going to be in love for life.

    - Joseph P.

    Achieivng the Runner’s High Without the Wear and Tear on my Knees

    I purchased my black ElliptiGO to provide a no-impact,cross-training alternative to running. Like many customers, I was frustrated/bored with indoor exercising and really missed the endorphin release from running outside and enjoying the scenery. *Please note that this review was originally written for the 8S, the precursor to the 8C. The reviewer felt that the review was applicable to the 8C model.

    - Mike Ruffolo
  • Great for the commute

    After 100 miles, it certainly exceeds expectations (which were high). Excellent build quality, unparalleled customer service. This specific workout – weight bearing exercise without impact – is just what I needed – re-activates muscles I hadn’t been using much since giving up running (2 bad knees, bad back). Commute is 20 miles, somewhat flat, so I swapped out 53T for 60T; now I can keep up with the shavers on road bikes. Still keeping commuter bikes for heavy ice, but otherwise ElliptiGO!

    - Tom D.

    My best purchase of the year!

    I just put my 1000th mile on my ElliptiGO, and I am still completely hooked! After blowing out a knee from too much running, it’s amazing to be back outside again and having this much fun to boot. The workout is fabulous -better than cycling, particularly when I try to keep up with my friends on their bikes. I’ve had no problems with my knee, even on steep (15%+ grade) hills, even though long walks are difficult for me. And I love the stares and comments from passersby!

    - Ben D.


    I was watching the news and saw the story on the ElliptiGO. I use the elliptical machine 5 days a week. I went to a local place and tried it out. As soon as I tried it, I knew this was something I had to have. So I ordered a blue one and 2 weeks later I received it. What a ride. An incredible feeling and incredible workout. If you have the budget, don’t think twice about getting one. You will be so happy you did. *Please note that this was originally written for the 8S, precursor to the 8C.

    - Sid Scheck
  • ElliptiGO is the best exercise I have done

    I cannot say enough good things about the ElliptiGO. It is easy to sustain a high heart rate for numerous hours with no wear and tear on the body. It is a much more efficient workout than a bicycle. Since the rider is standing up and balancing the ElliptiGO, it strengthens the core much more than running or bicycling. The ElliptiGO is much more fun than bicycling or running. It sure beats riding an elliptical trainer in the gym next to some sweaty, smelly guy.

    - Robert Gottlieb

    Excellent Cross-Training Tool!

    I love my ElliptiGO. As a road runner, I highly recommend the ElliptiGO as both a cross-training and recovery tool. It is excellent at enabling me to keep up my aerobic momentum while giving my joints a much-needed recovery period after long distance races. The ElliptiGO provides an incredible workout – gets great speed on the road, tackles hills smoothly, and is most importantly liberating and fun to use!

    - Lora V.

    Unconditional money back offer?

    I sold myself on this unique machine because I have a tailbone injury from 20 years ago that makes seated bike riding an impossibility after just a short ride. The website said I could send it back within 30 days for a full refund. I hope the folks at ElliptiGO aren’t holding their breath waiting. They aren’t getting my machine back!

    - Steve Davis
  • Great, really fun.

    I have ridden my bicycle halfway across the US twice. I have seen thousands of miles of asphalt, it is so nice to be able to look around. Moreover my hands and don’t get sore. *Please note that this review was originally written for the 8S, the precursor to the 8C. The reviewer felt that the review was applicable to the 8C model.

    - Brian D.

    What a head turner!

    It took no time to get my ElliptiGO up and running. I did it myself. I am so excited to own this high-tech machine. It is all about the ride – smooth, fun, different, a great workout, fluid, I could go on but I got to go and ride now. Wow – just get one and you will see…

    - Judith Ann
  • It is seriously the most fun you can have standing up!

    I love that I can ride it without my knees hurting or feeling lame the next day. It is seriously the most fun you can have standing up! It’s the thing I can’t wait to get home from work to do, or take a vacation to do.

    - Lyn Huston

    I am a runner and I had been suffering from achilles tendonitis

    I bought an ElliptiGO 11R. I am a runner and I had been suffering from achilles tendinitis. I trained about 4 times a week on my ElliptiGO and did not run for 4 months. I had signed up for the Encinitas Half Marathon before my achilles injury. I decided to run it without any running training. Surprise, I won my age division (65+). Needless to say my time wasn’t as fast as normal, but I felt it was a pretty solid endorsement of your product.

    - Richard Pfeiffer

    I highly recommend the ElliptiGO bike

    I highly recommend the ElliptiGO bike. It is an excellent cross trainer for runners. I have only been running for five years and the ElliptiGO has made me much faster in a short amount of time. The ElliptiGO is much easier on the body then running. The ElliptiGO is an awesome running machine and also the people at ElliptiGO are awesome as well as their customer service. Get one today. It will be the best investment for your health that money can buy.

    - Luanne Hoxie
  • Fun, great exercise and well made.

    My wife bought an ElliptiGO 8C and I started borrowing it. Soon, I wanted to get my own. The ElliptiGO 11R has become my favorite bike to ride. Quite fun. The motion is very smooth. It’s easy on my knees and back and I am getting an excellent workout. I was surprised to be able to climb any hill that I can climb on a regular bike. When commuting on the ElliptiGO, I feel a little safer being in an upright position, getting a better view and being more visible than on a regular bike.

    - Rickster

    I love it

    As another reviewer wrote, I also had to share my 8 speed ElliptiGO with my wife, so I finally broke down and got a slightly used 11R. I love it. The extra gears make a difference and the carbon fiber parts make it lighter and faster. But if you cannot afford it, any other model works well. It is great cross training for running and also a lot of fun! I use mine every day for my 18 mile round trip commute.

    - Laura R.

    Love my ElliptiGOs!

    I own two ElliptiGOs, an 8C and 11R. The 8C is great for most situations, including big hills and long rides. The top-of-the-line 11R provides a wider range of gearing, but for me the most importantly different feature is the quick-fold-down steering column that makes transporting the GO easy in many kinds of cars.

    - AFC
  • I highly recommend the ElliptiGO 11r — it just might change your life!

    I’ve owned an ElliptiGO 11R for two years and several thousand miles of riding. In July 2015, I finished all 5 passes of the Death Ride cycling event – 129 miles and 16,000 feet of elevation gain on my ElliptiGO. I’ve also used my 11R for cross training to boost my competitive running performance which has resulted in 5 lifetime personal best times in the 5k, half marathon and marathon distances, including a -20 minute Boston Marathon Qualifying time. The ElliptiGO 11R is a quality fitness tool.

    - John Burmester

    A runner’s best friend for no-impact cross training

    I’m a long time runner (35 years) but have been slowed by Achilles problems for over three years. After two summers of cycling and not really loving that, I switched to the ElliptiGO. BEST decision I’ve made. The ElliptiGO really is like running without impact. Riding a bike gave me a sore neck, sore butt and numb hands; no such problems on the ElliptiGO. The only “problem” I have when riding is slowing down to tell all the cyclists where I bought it.

    - JWM

    Chronically injured runner’s dream come true!

    After two hip surgeries and a few pelvis stress fractures, I thought my running/racing days were over. Then I found ElliptiGO. Not that it’s a perfect replacement for training runs, it comes close enough for this once regionally competitive runner. I’ve done 5 full century rides on the GO with more planned. Can’t stress highly enough the sense of accomplishment at returning to endurance sports and the gigantic WHEE factor and just how much fun these bikes are! Gave me my athletic career back.

    - PSS
  • Injured runner

    I was an injured runner (50+) and bought an 8C. Loved it so much my wife wanted one and we bought her an 11R. 4 years later, I upgraded mine to an 11R and have a 3C at a shore house. These things are built to last and provide a phenomenal workout. I’ve completed 6 century rides and it never gets old!

    - JRH

    Love my 11 R

    I just LOVE my new 11R ElliptiGO bike. For 4 years I rode a 8S. I have had back surgery and neck surgery and I finally found an exercise that I could do without pain. Riding the ElliptiGO has been a godsend! Six months ago I bought the 11R. This bike is worth the extra money. It has 3 more gears and is about 4 to 5 pounds lighter than the 8S. I am now able to keep up with my “roadie” friends. All in all just a great piece of machinery! I give it 5 stars.

    - Ian

    Really, Another 5 star review

    Ok, looks suspicious to have so many rave, 5-star reviews, but I can’t be the one to disagree. I bought my 11R in anticipation of my first century. The product is reliable, low-maintenance, and yeah, fun. The aerobic workout exceeds cycling and standing affords better view of surroundings and makes for a safer ride. I have never wished for a seat as the GO glides along the road and you find yourself logging some serious mileage.

    - Thomas P. Letard
  • Fun while getting in a great cardio and muscular workout on a durable machine!

    The excruciating pain of a herniated disc made me finally listen to my doctors and quit running. I joined 24 Hour Fitness to use the ellipticals. I missed exercising outside. After 6 years without running, I read about the ElliptiGO in a newspaper article. I test rode one and instantly loved it. I bought it the same day. I like how smooth the motion is and how high up I am when I feel the breeze on my face. I’ve owned my 11R for over 4 years and it’s still working great.

    - SoCalPatty

    Amazing Elliptical Bike

    I upgraded from an ElliptiGO 8C. I already loved the GO but I had started to do longer, steeper and more challenging rides and I wanted the benefits of the extra lower and top gears that are on the 11R model. These extra gears enable me to get up even steeper climbs (like Fargo Street at 33% in Los Angeles) as well as cruise on the flat or downhill at a higher speed. The 11R is very tough and has put up with a tremendous amount of riding in harsh conditions. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

    - Bill

    I have found the ElliptiGO 11R to be the perfect cross-training machine

    Having been a runner for over 3 decades, I have had more injuries and setbacks than I care to remember. As running became more difficult, I found the 11R to be the perfect cross-training machine. It keeps me outdoors, allows me to get as vigorous a workout as I want, and is just plain fun! I’ve always liked that I only needed a pair of shoes and shorts to be a runner, so the cost of an ElliptiGO was daunting at first. However, I now firmly believe it was the best purchase I’ve ever made.

    - Neil H

    I got my ElliptiGO 8C almost 3 years ago as a way to cross train after 3 stress fractures in my heel. I LOVE IT… no impact and it’s the same stride as running. a superior workout and my lower body doesn’t take the pounding. After 15-20 miles on this my legs are on fire, but in a good way. I highly recommend this bike to anyone who is looking to get into serious shape.

    - Charlotte A. Hartman

    Makes Me Smile!

    Quick couple of thoughts. I am a runner and bought this to train during times when I am getting achy. Or I ride it in lieu of an easy run on an easy day. But mostly I commute on it… 6 miles each way. A little less than 30 minutes easy. Here is the thing. Sometimes I don’t want to head out on it, I’d rather take the lazy way out and go get in the car… but every time I get on it, I catch myself smiling…. It is just plain fun to ride!

    - D. Lister

    An Awesome Workout

    I have been riding an 11R for 16 months now. I absolutely love it! I bought one after I injured my knee running with my son. It is an awesome workout, strengthening and tightening your core as well as your glutes and quads. It is very similar to a running workout and unlike a biking workout, I get the same “euphoria” on the ElliptiGO as I get when I run. Even though it is more than double the weight of my bike, the ElliptiGO climbs the mountain roads as well as the bike.

    - J. Mayer
  • Best cross training I’ve found!

    I first saw the ElliptiGO in a running magazine ad, with Meb promoting it for cross training. I got to try it on a stationary trainer at the Boston Marathon Expo and ordered the 8C. I LOVED it. So did my wife – so we bought the 11R for me. I run 2-3 minutes per mile faster than she does but on the ElliptiGO, she is always right with me. Fantastic product, fun and a great workout!

    - Bob Steinberg

    If you are active and enjoy being outside, this is for you!

    The ElliptiGO 11R is the best purchase I’ve ever made. As an active older runner, it has allowed me to stay fit and be outdoors as my activity level has been decreasing due to my age and recovery time. It is very much like running, but without the impact. And it’s just plain FUN! It’s a beautifully designed and engineered piece of exercise equipment that you can use for casual rides or hard workouts depending on your preference. It can also climb very steep grades and is very stable.

    - Steve Hughes

    The ElliptiGO is by far the best piece of equipment that I have ever owned

    The ElliptGO is by far the best piece of equipment that I have ever owned. After running ultras for more than 15 years, my 60 year old body needed a break. A dozen orthopedic surgeries later and I needed to find an alternative. I bought an 11R. No impact! Like running and biking in one. And, it’s a blast to ride. It is built very well. It climbs hills and mountains efficiently. I love this machine and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to stay fit without the impact.

    - Bob Redwanc
  • Way to GO

    As a marathoner and highly competitive runner, I was devastated when diagnosed with bone on bone in my knee. Choices were limited until my son introduced me to ElliptiGO. I started with the 8C and quickly moved up to the 11R. I am back doing greater than 100 miles a week. Racing, working out with other GO riders and feeling great with no knee pains or problems. I am able to maintain cardio, balance and overall physical fitness while having a great time and ride.

    - DL Norris

    This is one of the best investments I have ever made

    Once you try it, you may never go back to a regular bike again. I own two ElliptiGOs, an 8C and 11R. I went to the 11R because as I became more fit, I felt I needed just a little more gearing. I am a runner and have had some knee issues. The ElliptiGO lets me keep that running feeling without the impact, and I am able to ride beside my running friends and be outside. This is one of the best investments I have ever made. I highly recommend it to anyone, and I do all the time.

    - Bman

    The ElliptiGO is the perfect substitute for those who can no longer run due …

    The ElliptiGO is the perfect substitute for those who can no longer run due to injuries. It feels like running on air and is fun and a great workout at the same time.

    - Berni Flynn

    I’ve owned the ElliptiGO for over 5 years now and can safely say it was the best investment I have ever made! The build quality is superb and ride is super smooth and WOW what a workout. In terms of performance gains in my fitness, the results speak for themselves. I knocked 1/2 hour off my marathon time to run sub 3:00 🙂 I also use the GO to train for ultra marathons to reduce the need for high impact high volume running. It REALLY works!!

    - Stuart Blofeld

    Better than ice cream
     I’m a runner and was having more aches and pains with my running and was looking for another alternative/supplement to my running. The ElliptiGO has been that and so much more for me. I don’t get the same aches and pains on the ElliptiGO as with running. Yes, you can push yourself and get sore muscles or over do it, but there’s no pounding. It’s a workout for your legs as well as core muscles. I’m starting to get back to running and the ElliptiGO has definitely kept me in shape.

    I’m a runner and was having more aches and pains with my running and was looking for another alternative/supplement to my running. The ElliptiGO has been that and so much more for me. I don’t get the same aches and pains on the ElliptiGO as with running. Yes, you can push yourself and get sore muscles or over do it, but there’s no pounding. It’s a workout for your legs as well as core muscles. I’m starting to get back to running and the ElliptiGO has definitely kept me in shape.

    I’m a runner and was having more aches and pains with my running and was looking for another alternative/supplement to my running. The ElliptiGO has been that and so much more for me. I don’t get the same aches and pains on the ElliptiGO as with running. Yes, you can push yourself and get sore muscles or over do it, but there’s no pounding. It’s a workout for your legs as well as core muscles. I’m starting to get back to running and the ElliptiGO has definitely kept me in shape.
    - Robert Travers

    P. Davis

    The ElliptiGO is a kind of perfect combination of bicycle and elliptical workout machine. You can cruise along at moderate speeds relatively easily, but shift gears down to climb hills or up to speed up. The ElliptiGO is a bit more of a workout than a bicycle. You won’t notice it though, because the ride is so much fun. You’ll have to get used to the swishing noise of the drive arms sliding back and forth in their tracks, but once you do, the ride is pure pleasure.

    - Excellent for biking, fitness and fun
  • Fun and Great Exercise

    I purchased my ElliptiGO after seeing a friend’s. I had been a runner for many years but stopped due to knee pain. So I took up cycling and loved it but hated the way it made my neck hurt, not to mention my butt. The ElliptiGO takes care of those problems in that it is totally gentle, yet provides an incredible workout. I ride it 4 days a week in the summer and consider it the best workout device you can ever buy, with the added bonus of being fun.

    - KSM

    I don’t think you will be disappointed.

    I bought the 11R a year and a half ago and have all but given up bike riding. After playing rugby for 16 years, my back, knees, neck and shoulders strain when running or riding a bike. I am riding up to 30 miles at a time on my GO with an average of about 20 miles per trip at 10mph. It seems to me that my core is getting stronger, and my back no longer bothers me as much. I have over 2500 miles on my GO and ride as much as I can, averaging 3 times a week. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

    - Jeffrey J Glahn

    A fun ride, a well made machine

    This is a great product! I have never been an athlete, nor a runner or a cyclist and I have never found an activity that I enjoyed but I knew I needed to increase my exercise level. A friend introduced me to ElliptiGO and I have not looked back. They are more effort than a bike but that means you get more of a workout! I am slower than cyclists, but after a ride I may be tired but I am not sore: no saddle soreness, no stiff neck or shoulders. The next day I can ride again without discomfort.

    - Lamorna Brown Swigart
  • A very nice girl Alyssa let me test her’s in the parking …

    I got my 11R last year.I used to be a runner and now only run a couple miles. I love achieving goals like climbing major hills. I recently did my first 30 mile ride amoungst cyclists, next goal is climbing Dannemora Mountain. I do 2-3 hours on the ElliptiGO every weekend and no pain, all gain! I love the thought that even though I had to have the best, top of the line, most expensive, that I have used it so much that my cost per mile keeps dropping down to insignificance.

    - Donald Moore

    ElliptiGO: 5 Stars aren’t enough!

    I got an 11R. I love it – exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise but is the toughest exercise I’ve ever done AND outside! Another important aspect for me is dealing with arthritis in both knees. If I’m having pain, I take a ride and by the end I’m either pain free or very close to it. Truthfully I was ready to schedule a knee replacement over a year ago. Instead, at my annual checkup, the doc says “Call me when you’re ready.” No better medicine than exercise, outside and on my ElliptiGO!

    - Aerogal

    A great ride

    Riding my ElliptiGO is great. It is easy on the body with no discomforts like a upright bike. No sore butt, neck or back. You are up higher so you have a great view and you don’t have to strain your neck to look around. There is no impact so you knees don’t take a beating.Try it and you won’t want to go back to running or regular bikes. I can climb any hill. I ride slower on the ElliptiGO than an upright bike but am getting more exercise while doing it.

    - Richard Morton
  • How I Discovered the Amazing Benefits of the ElliptiGO

    In 23 years of endurance training, I have never seen such a fun bike. Not only has the ElliptiGO made me a faster runner, it also helps speed recovery. I have never used an elliptical machine at the gym, but I was able to get going on the ElliptiGO on the first try. Riding my ElliptiGO gives me a far better workout than riding a regular road bike. Best of all, it has no impact, so no injuries! As a 52-year-old runner, I can now simulate the volume of training I sustained in my 30s.

    - Bob Rowden

    Pain-free Riding!

    I am an ex-rugby player with back and knee problems in my early 60s. I started to bicycle as it was easier on my knees. I would finish my bike rides with a lower back ache. I bought an 11R and in my first 9 months, I put 1200 miles on my GO. As a matter of fact, I like it so much that I rarely bicycle anymore. I find that it is easier on my knees and back and it seems to work my core and leave me feeling better after my ride. Thanks for designing this masterful piece of exercise equipment.

    - Jeff Glahn

    Thanks ElliptiGO!

    I was told about 7 years ago I needed both knees replaced but try to wait. I had to give up running but found the ElliptiGO and over the past 5+ years the ElliptiGO got me into the best shape and strengthened my knees and legs so that when I finally had to have both knees replaced this past Fall my recovery was quick. I started Spin classes 6 weeks after the total knee replacement (both knees) and was outdoors on the ElliptiGO 8 weeks after the surgery. Thanks ElliptiGO.

    - Joe O'Brien
  • On the road again!

    I was a runner and enjoyed biking for a good number of years. Finally had my left knee replaced when I couldn’t take a step without wincing. Doctor said no more running and I found my range of motion less than what it used to be. A neighbor told me about ElliptiGO. Bought the 11R online and couldn’t be happier. It is very easy on my knee and so much fun to ride. A 20 mile jaunt is a great aerobic workout. My road bike sits in the garage because the ElliptiGO is so much more fun to ride.

    - John Butler

    Marine Proof 11R

    If you want to keep a level of fitness once enjoyed in your younger years without pounding your knees, back and hips, this piece of gear is hands down the beast of beasts to make it happen all over again. When it comes to emulating the best of both worlds in running and cycling combined, the 11R will blow your mind in functionality and durability. Easy to master, fun to ride, I give it five stars. Good job ElliptiGO Team. Semper Fi!

    - Larry Wick

    Close to 11,000 miles!

    I reviewed my 11R years ago and now have between 10,000 and 11,000 miles on it. It’s still a joy to own and ride, and I love being outside, high above the ground, feeling like I’m flying, while getting such a great muscle building workout. I’ve put about four new chains on it and five rear tires, and three front tires. Normal maintenance items for that mileage have been performed. My 11R is bullet proof. I LOVE this exercise machine!

    - Patricia K.
  • On the road again!

    I was a runner and enjoyed biking for a good number of years. Finally had my left knee replaced when I couldn’t take a step without wincing. Doctor said no more running and I found my range of motion less than what it used to be. A neighbor told me about ElliptiGO. Bought the 11R online and couldn’t be happier. It is very easy on my knee and so much fun to ride. A 20 mile jaunt is a great aerobic workout. My road bike sits in the garage because the ElliptiGO is so much more fun to ride.

    - John Butler

    15 months on the 11r

    I actually was a bit unsure of the need for the 11r (the extra gears), given the fact that there is a point of diminishing return because of the wind resistance created by the upright riding position. Whether you are a World Climbing Championship competitor, or someone who wants to compete with the road cyclists, or simply want to take advantage of an amazing ride that will improve your fitness, the 11r is the GO you need. ElliptiGO got it right with the 11r.

    - John Pilkington

    Keeps me in top shape and injury free

    I have been a physical education teacher for 25 years and grew up playing every sport that came my way. I love sports and staying fit. The ElliptiGO bikes are absolutely the best and healthiest new products to enter the sports world. I would rate them a 6 on the 1-5 scale. I still love to run, play basketball, and pole vault, and riding the ElliptiGO has kept me in top fitness condition while keeping my legs totally injury free.

    - Chris Branson
  • Exceeds Expectations

    I am an avid cyclist who rides a high end carbon fiber road bike 3,000 miles a year. The 11R has been a great cross trainer to mix up my exercise routine and consistently puts a big smile on my face. I also like the flexibility of hooking up the GO to my indoor trainer and riding on cold winter days. The Service department at ElliptiGO has been great to work with. They showed me how to hook up my Garmin Edge bike computer to the 11R. The quality of the GO has exceeded my expectations!

    - Ted Robertson

    Runner’s High Without the Pounding

    As a distance runner with recurring knee problems, I have been frustrated that I can’t replicate the “runner’s high” except by running. The ElliptiGO has become my solution. I had tried everything (biking, indoor elliptical, treadmills etc) and nothing came close. With the ElliptiGO, I now experience the runner’s high AND avoid the pounding on my knees. The ElliptiGO delivers on the promise of “running without impact”. I am committed!

    - Mike D.

    Thank you ElliptiGO!

    I was in the first group of four to have run a marathon on all seven continents of the world and got through that without sustaining any serious joint injuries. However, this past year my back went and so did the ability to run. Your ElliptiGO was a Godsend! I am out on it every day possible with no wear and tear or beating on my back. I have an 8-speed here in Florida and have just purchased your new 11-speed for my home in Maine where we have many hills.

    - Ken v.