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Sales and Test Ride Best Practices

This guide is a condensed version of the sales and test ride sections of the full Dealer Resource Handbook and is a great way to introduce new sales associates to the product line, as well as refresh the existing associates on how to give a great test ride experience.
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Test Ride Sign Up Email Template

Here is a template you can use when you are responding to leads that are automatically generated via our website and sent directly to you. This is a perfect time to share as much information about your store and ElliptiGO as possible. Response time is critical when responding to test ride leads. It is best to capture their attention when their interest is at its peak. Click here to download the template: 
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POP and Accessory Packages

Here is some information on the In-Store Point of Purchase Display options we offer. For more information, or to order, please contact Dealer Services at (858) 876-8207 or 
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Kickstand Cutouts

It is VERY important that no one stands on the ElliptiGO while the kickstand is down. This will bend the kickstand and it will have to be replaced. To solve this problem we have created some cutouts to place on the foot bed.
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Model Comparison Documents

Please click here to download a quick, one-page overview of all 3 models and who they're designed for.

Please click here  to download a detailed, technical comparison between the 3C, 8C, and 11R

Please click here to download the Cadence vs. Speed Chart for all 3 Models



ElliptiGO 11R Information Sheet

Please click here for a quick guide of the ElliptiGO 11R



Co-Op Marketing Requests

We encourage retailers to generate local brand awareness for ElliptiGO through participating in local events or expos, and we try to support retailers with financial or material support whenever possible. If you and your team would like to request financial or other support from ElliptiGO Inc. for an event or marketing opportunity in your area, please download the "Support Request Form" and follow the instructions listed there to submit your request.
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Test Rides

Download a short guidance document that contains helpful tips for how to give a first-time rider the most positive experience possible on a test ride.
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Download a sample demo-rental waiver & form for use in your store.
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Media Training & Support

Will you be participating in interviews about the ElliptiGO for print or television? Download a two-page document that will arm you with "Tips and Talking Points" for media interactions and live demos on television.
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Events & Expos

Download a compressed folder that contains a Word and PDF version of a one-page summary you can share with running event and expo organizers in your area.
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If you want to have a teardrop banner (like the one pictured above) attached to your ElliptiGO, click here for a list of materials you will need.

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