ElliptiGO Rider of the Month Kia Calderon-Dillon

Rider of the Month Truly Gives of Herself

You really can find anything on the internet. Our rider of the month, Kia Calderon-Dillon, has found endurance rides to do with her mom, parenting tips on caring for her three kids, plenty of volunteering opportunities in her community . . . and a way to donate one of her kidneys to a stranger.

Posted May 3, 2016 by David in Customer Stories, Rider of the Month, updates

Rider Conducts Own Experiment on Effects of ElliptiGO Riding

Juan Reque, a physical therapist and long-time runner, suffered a torn meniscus that limited his running. After a patient described the ElliptiGO bike, Reque took one for a test ride. Immediately, he knew it was a good workout. To test the efficacy of ElliptiGO training, he devised an experiment comparing ElliptiGO and road bike cycling with running.

Posted April 7, 2016 by David in Current Runner, Customer Stories, Rider of the Month, updates

Rider of the Month a “Classic” GO-Getter

When Jane LeGore’s doctor told her, “Stop running now and don’t run any more. You need a total hip replacement,” she quickly researched options. Fortunately for our January Rider of the Month – and the ElliptiGO rider community – she soon found another outlet to rebuild her fitness and psyche.

Posted February 3, 2016 by David in Rider Profiles, Rider of the Month, updates
Carol Galgano - ElliptiGOs NYC

Rider of the Year Blends Support, Energy and Enthusiasm

Each month, we bestow “Rider of the Month” honors on one or more people. These riders have typically accomplished a big personal goal, raised money for charities, or set new standards for speed or endurance while riding their ElliptiGO elliptical bike. As we wrap up the 2015 year, we’re looking at the larger body of work and accomplishments, rather than zeroing in on just one. We are happy to announce the 2015 Rider of the Year – Carol Galgano. Supportive, energetic, enthusiastic and innovative all describe Galgano.

Posted January 13, 2016 by David in Customer Stories, Rider of the Month, updates
Bill Pinnell Flies Downhill on ElliptiGO Bike

From Chance Discovery to ElliptiGO Master

Bill Pinnell loved to ride his road bike, until a bulging lumbar disc made it too painful. He tried a recumbent, but that was no good for him either. Then, by chance, he spotted an ElliptiGO elliptical bike. That was more than 23,000 miles ago, and he's still smiling while racking up hundreds of miles a month. He earned more "Get on the Map" points in 2015 than anyone, earning him Rider of the Month honors.

Posted December 15, 2015 by David in Customer Stories, Rider of the Month, updates
2015 ElliptiGO World Champs

World Champs are Riders of the Month

The 6th Annual World Championships of Elliptical Cycling saw several outstanding performances in the race up Palomar Mountain. At the top of the list were Sarah Brown and Rusty Snow, the two champions and our Riders of the Month for October.

Posted November 19, 2015 by David in Customer Stories, Rider of the Month, updates
ElliptiGO Riders Complete 525-mile trek for Arthritis Foundation

ElliptiGO Bike Riders Aim to Bring Arthritis to Its Knees

Six ElliptiGO cyclists participated in the California Coast Classic, riding 525 miles over eight days while raising more than $22,100 to fight arthritis, a disease that affects one in every five adults and 300,000 children. For each of the riders, the cause was personally meaningful.

Posted October 21, 2015 by David in Customer Stories, Epic Rides, Rider of the Month
Tim Rieger

August 2015 Rider of the Month

Tim Rieger was facing a three-pronged challenge. He was looking for a way to raise $10,000 for his favorite charity; he was two weeks away from the start of his ultra-running season; and he had just developed a stress fracture.

Posted August 31, 2015 by Tennille in Customer Stories, Rider of the Month, updates
Katie Blau

July 2015 Rider of the Month

If you could spend a week with few responsibilities beyond riding your ElliptiGO along a beautiful wooded, lakefront course, would you jump at the chance? Katie Blau, our Rider of the Month for July did.

Posted July 31, 2015 by Tennille in Customer Stories, Rider of the Month, updates

June 2015 Rider of the Month

This month, we are excited to announce Lamorna Brown Swigart and Malinda Walker as our Co-Riders of the Month! They are both proud ElliptiGO owners, relying on each other for encouragement and strength to accomplish their recent ride, "Circle the Bay for Breast Cancer" in San Francisco.

Posted June 30, 2015 by Tennille in Customer Stories, Rider of the Month, updates
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