July 11, 2015
ElliptiGO. GO Ride. GO Celebrate!

Celebrate the creation of the ElliptiGO and earn A LOT of points for Get On The Map by participating in the International Elliptical Cycling Day (IECD) Challenge. This year, IECD marks the 10 year anniversary of Brent and Bryan sitting down in a coffee shop in Solana Beach, sketching out a drawing of an elliptical bike, and shaking hands on their new partnership. What better way to celebrate this monumental occasion than to ride your ElliptiGO and earn A LOT of GOTM points!

How do I participate and earn GOTM points?
Participation is easy. Simply Register, Ride & Submit!
  1. Register: Using the form on this page, register your participation in this challenge and pledge the number of miles you plan to ride.
  2. Ride: Ride your ElliptiGO at least one mile on July 11th.
  3. Submit: Upload the ride to the ElliptiGO Group on Strava* and fill out the completion form we send out at the end.
How far do I have to ride?
It's up to you! Ride however long or short you want to GO. Obviously we want you to be safe, so please ride within your limits and make sure that you are properly prepared/supported for whatever distance* you decide to attempt.

*You can split up your ride throughout the day, but all miles must be completed on July 11, 2015.

How many points can I earn?
A lot! But then again, it's really up to you. Use the point system below to see how many points you will receive for riding various distances and check out the Get On The Map page to see what exclusive rewards you can earn with those points.

Point allocation for this event is as follows:
Participate (ride at least one mile): 25 pts

  • Miles 1-25: 1 point per mile
  • Miles 26-50: 2 points per mile
  • Miles 51-100: 3 points per mile
  • Miles 101+: 1 point per mile

If you ride in an Official or Featured event on this date, you will also receive full GOTM event points in addition to your IECD points. You must submit this event separately (but in addition to the IECD Submission Form) via the Event Submission Form on the Events Page, just as you typically would for event submissions.

For example
Someone riding in an official 60mi ride on this day would receive:
IECD [25pts + (1pt x 25mi) + (2pts x 25mi) + (3pts x 10mi)] + Official Event [25pts + (1pt x 60mi)] = 215pts

Someone riding 122mi without being part of an event would receive:
IECD [25pts + (1pt x 25mi) + (2pts x 25mi) + (3pts x 50mi) + (1pt x 22mi)] = 272pts

How do I join the Challenge?
You must register for the Challenge no later than Midnight, PST on July 9th. All you need to do is complete the entry form on this page AND join the ElliptiGO Club on Strava so you can upload your rides.

If you have specific questions, please email challenge@elliptigo.com.

ElliptiGO. GO Ride. GO Celebrate!

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