How can an ElliptiGO bike be transported?

The 11R and 8S models come with a foldable steering column that reduces their height to 27″ (68.6 cm). All other models have a telescoping steering column that can be removed completely to reduce their height to 27″ for storage and transport. As a result, all ElliptiGO bikes can fit in the back of most SUVs and station wagons and many hatchbacks. In fact, because of the low height of the bikes, often two or even three of our models can be transported side by side in SUVs and station wagons. Stand up bikes will also fit on several commercially available racks and mounts, including:

“Gordo Trunk Rack” by Hollywood Racks – Holds 1 stand up bike.

“Sport Rider 2 Heavy Duty Hitch Rack” with ElliptiGO modifications by Hollywood Racks – Holds 2 stand up bikes or 1 stand up bike and 1 regular bike.

“BT-EGO Roof Rack” by Atoc – Holds 1 stand up bike per tray.

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