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The Awesome Outdoor Workout You’ll Get on an Elliptical Bike

Shape Magazine

Shape magazine breaks down how ElliptiGO bikes work and perform, as well as some of the major endurance events being completed on them already. Then, they ask the big question, “Does it work?” Citing research independantly done through the American Councel of Exercise and the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, the answer comes back as a resounding “yes!” “During a 30-minute workout on the ElliptiGO, people in the study met the fitness industry guidelines for improving cardiorespiratory and body composition—reaching an average of 84 percent of their maximum heart rate and 75 percent VO max (or maximum volume of oxygen an athlete can use). Ladies in the study also burned an average of 356 calories. Not bad for 30 minutes! The current guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) indicate that in order to manage or lose weight, 200 to 300 calories should be expended per exercise session, a range everyone in the study exceeded.” Read the full story >>