Remove Track Noise

The design of the ElliptiGO is friction based; the load wheels roll along the track inserts to power the cycle forward. There is already lubrication in both the load wheels and track inserts, so there is no need to apply any sort of lubrication to either of those mechanisms. The result of the load wheels rolling along the tracks produces a “whooshing” noise, which is normal. Over time, dirt and debris can collect in the track inserts or on the load wheels, thus creating a louder ‘whoosh’ or grinding noise. This can be eliminated by wiping down the track inserts and load wheels after each ride. A water dampened rag to get rid the mud or dirt will work well on both the track inserts and load wheels.

If a thumping noise or feeling is felt in the tracks, there may be a piece of sap, tar or some other type of sticky debris on the tracks or load wheels. Use a plastic scrapper or even a fingernail to remove then wipe down the track inserts and load wheels to rid the issue.

There is no need to stop riding if the louder ‘whoosh’ becomes present or a thumping in the tracks unless it completely impedes the pedaling motion. If you notice something such as a rock or glass in the tracks, remove it immediately.

If a repetitive clicking noise is present while riding or a foreign noise, please contact the service department at [email protected].

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