Elliptical Bike vs. Traditional Bike: Why GO?

Debating whether to get an ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle or a traditional bicycle? Purchasing a new piece of exercise equipment is an important decision and one that takes time and research. Consider these distinct benefits to riding an elliptical bike over a traditional bike.

More Comfortable Riding Position
People who first try an ElliptiGO bike are often surprised by how steady the ride feels. The elongated elliptical path and fully supported foot platforms of ElliptiGO bikes provide a stable, more comfortable ride than standing up on a bike.

Better Cardio Efficiency
With an ElliptiGO bike, you can get a great workout in less time. The vertical, weight-bearing riding position helps to rev your cardiovascular system and build a more efficient blood-pumping “engine.” According to a report by the Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center (EPARC) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), riding an ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle required, on average, 33% more effort than cycling at the same speed.

No Pain Points
Ever feel a back ache or experience a sore saddle after a bike ride? With the ergonomic, neutral position of the elliptical bike, neck, back and seat pain that often stem from sitting hunched over a traditional bike disappears.

Improved Muscle Activation
The unique architecture of elliptical bikes develop the muscles of your legs, glutes and core more effectively – and in a more balanced manner – than conventional bikes.

Increased Safety
The upright riding position improves visibility with a level, elevated line of site, which is a welcome benefit when riding along busy or congested roadways.

It’s always best to try a bike before you buy so you can experience how it feels and decide whether it works for you. ElliptiGO offers free test rides around the country, so why not give it a GO? You might just surprise yourself. Click here to find a dealer near you.

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