Are stand up bikes similar to recumbent bikes?

Not at all. In fact, stand up bikes are sort of the opposite of recumbents. Recumbent bikes usually have a pretty big seat with a back rest, whereas stand up bikes have no seat at all. Recumbent riders pedal with their legs parallel to the ground, while stand up bike riders pedal with legs that are perpendicular to the ground. The recumbent rider’s visibility is usually limited because they are lower to the ground, making it both harder to see them and harder for them to see around obstacles like cars, bushes, walls, etc. In contrast, the stand up bike rider’s visibility is unusually good because their line of sight is elevated and their whole body is visible, making them easier for drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists to see. The high riding position also enables a stand up cyclist to see over cars, trucks and SUVs, reducing the likelihood that they will have their vision blocked by obstacles. Finally, the recumbent bike rider pushes pedals in a circle to propel their bike while the stand up bike rider takes strides that are similar to walking or running to propel the bike forward.

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