How can I get my ElliptiGO bike serviced?

ElliptiGO bikes use industry-standard components that can be repaired or serviced by a technician who is trained to service bicycles. The custom parts are the frame, steering column, drive arms and adjustable crank assembly, which can also be repaired or replaced by a trained bicycle technician. Depending on your region, there may be a designated service location or we will work with you to find a resource in your area who is willing to service or repair your ElliptiGO bike. Contact us first with any service issue so we can work with you to get it resolved as quickly as possible. For information about our local service, please visit here.

Guidelines for ElliptiGO Service: 

  • Many locations require appointments so please contact the service location to schedule your bike service.
  • Be sure to ask about lead times, but you should expect to leave your ElliptiGO bike for anywhere from 1-10 business days. Plan accordingly if you have a known deadline or event for which you need your ElliptiGO bike.
  • Not all service locations will stock replacement parts and very few have ElliptiGO specific parts. While all service locations can order parts from ElliptiGO directly, it’s best to plan ahead. If you know what parts need replacing, please order those ahead of time from our website and bring them with you at the time of service.

You can reach our service department at [email protected] or by calling 888.796.8227.

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