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Justin Blake

About Justin Duke

Justin has owned various ElliptiGOs for nearly 10 years, and has been an Enthusiast since 2020. He ran cross country and played soccer in high school, but gravitated more towards  mountain and road cycling while attending college on a music scholarship.

Justin’s professional background is in healthcare and he is able to fully appreciate the vast health benefits of the ElliptiGO product lines – both for the cardio and the impact free exercises.

Living in Denver since 2013, Justin enjoys the year-round weather of Colorado and rides or skis every chance he gets.

Justin’s Contact Info: 303.903.2089
[email protected]

Justin's Journey with ElliptiGO

Justin Blake

How did you first hear of ElliptiGO? In 2012, while on a family trip to SeaWorld in San Diego, I saw someone riding by as we were pulling into the parking lot. They were flying! I was so curious what it was that I had seen, so I got home, googled it- and the rest is history!

Justin Blake

How Do You Use Your ElliptiGO For Fitness/Exercise? I use mine for commuting, fitness, adventure, and fun. Oftentimes, I ride my bike to work (this is where the e-Kit is super nice) or for a few hour fitness ride. I like to do a workout with a special stop in the middle- like a coffee or other pre planned destination. When time permits, it's always great to do an epic ride, such as one of the many passes in Colorado or a bigger ride like Mt. Evans.

Justin Blake

What do you love most about riding an ElliptiGO? It just feels so good, and it’s so much fun! It’s really hard to describe to someone else what the sensation is like. For me, every time is like the day you rode your first bike with no training wheels.

What is your favorite ElliptiGO bike?
TThe 11R is so smooth and so nice. I previously owned an 8c, and, for longer rides, I really appreciate the lighter carbon drive arms.

What is your favorite local ride?
There are so many options near Denver! I really love all the separate bike paths we have in our community. I ride Cherry Creek the most, but I really like the twists and turns of the Bear Creek path. One of my favorite segments is part of the Triple Bypass; there is a wonderful wooded bike path from Bakersville to Loveland ski area. I really enjoy riding my 11R on these paths.

What is your longest or most memorable ride? I once loaned a friend my car to catch a morning flight out of DIA. My plan was to ride my GO out there after work to get the car…OMG! It ended up being only a 42 mile ride, but it was quite the adventure! If you’ve never ridden a bike to the Denver Airport, don’t ever try it because it was a much longer ride than I planned with a good bit of wind.

Ready to Try an ElliptiGO Bike?

Whether you are new to ElliptiGO bikes and looking to test ride or a current ElliptiGO Owner in the Denver area, Justin can help.

ElliptiGO bikes available to test ride:

Long-Stride Bikes:  11R | 8C | 8S with ekit

Stand up Bikes: MSUB

Stationary Trainer: ElliptiGO Fluid 365

Want to Join a Group Ride?

I will be scheduling periodic rides based upon local interest.

Message From Justin: 

I really enjoy doing demos and meeting new people that are focused on their health and wellness. I have met so many great people through test rides. I’m so lucky to share the joy of the ElliptiGO.  I’m so excited when new riders get to experience that weightless zero impact feeling; it’s very special. Also, I love hearing back from customers regarding how far they’ve ridden, how much weight they’ve lost, and how much fun they’ve had.


For questions or assistance, please contact Justin at:
303.903.2089 or [email protected]