Marketing and Visual Media

Brand Essentials
ElliptiGO’s brand book to get access to usage guidelines of logos, fonts, colors, etc. Download

Powerpoint ppt file


ElliptiGO Bike Product Images  

Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer Images

Electric Bike Kit Images

Bike Action Shots  

Download high-quality action shots of riders on ElliptiGO elliptical bicycles. These images are the ones that best showcase the product and the “riding experience” and are the ones we most commonly use for advertisements, marketing collateral design and media. Please contact [email protected] if you need captions/credits for these photos or require additional images for your specific needs. 

Marketing Collateral

Additional Collateral

Product Comparison Chart  

Bike Architecture and Comparison Chart

Marketing Videos

SUB, Long-Stride and Compact-Stride Marketing Video Download | YouTube
Long-Stride and Compact-Stride Only – 30-second new Marketing Video  Download | YouTube
Long-Stride and Compact-Stride Only – 60-second new Marketing Video  Download | YouTube
SUB Video Download |  YouTube
RSUB Video Download |  YouTube
MSUB Video Download |  YouTube

Taking a Test Ride Video
Learning the Compact-Stride Video
Learning the Long-Stride Video

Download any of the following videos to use in your stores, at events or as B-roll for media. A brief description of each of the videos follows below:

Arc Video with Music  |  Arc Video with Callouts : A little over a minute video that highlights the Arc’s sleek aluminum frame, eight gears and compact stride give you a nimble, responsive workout that’s easy on your joints.

Download “One Minute of Action Footage” : A simple one-minute video of three men riding ElliptiGO bikes. Showcases fun, speed and exhilaration. Energetic music. No narration.

Download “Run Without Impact – Cross-Training”: A one-minute video featuring action footage and four endurance athletes/runners talking about how/why they cross-train on the ElliptiGO elliptical bike.

Download “How Does the ElliptiGO Bike Perform”: A three-minute video featuring action footage and commentary from customers and athletes who ride the ElliptiGO bike. Discusses and demonstrates how it can be used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for high-intensity training; and how it climbs and descends hills.

Kickstand Cutouts

It is very important that no one stands on an ElliptiGO bike while the kickstand is down. This will bend the kickstand and it will have to be replaced. To solve this problem, we have created some cutouts to place on the foot bed. Download

Media Training & Support

Will you be participating in interviews about the ElliptiGO for print or television? Download a two-page document that will arm you with “Tips and Talking Points” for media interactions and live demos on television.

Events & Expos

Download a one-page summary document that you can share with running event and expo organizers in your area.

Co-Op Marketing Requests

We encourage retailers to generate local brand awareness for ElliptiGO through participating in local events, expos, and other related activities. We try to support retailers with financial or material support whenever possible. If you would like to request financial or other support from ElliptiGO Inc. for an event or other related opportunity in your area, please contact your local Territory Sales Manager to submit your request.

If you have any additional needs for visual media or marketing collateral that are not available for download above, please contact Marketing.