McMillan Running is a leader in online training programs for runners and Coach Greg McMillan has been called, “one of the best and smartest distance-running coaches in America,” by Amby Burfoot of Runner’s World Magazine.

The McMillan training philosophy revolves around injury prevention, respect for life commitments (i.e., the plan must fit within your other, often many, life commitments) and the application of exercise science to optimize training for fitness and performance.

Coach Greg sees the ElliptiGO as an integral part of this philosophy and creates training programs that integrate the ElliptiGO for owners seeking improved fitness and/or racing goals.

With your McMillan ElliptiGO-integrated training plan, you’ll experience the proven workouts that have helped thousands of runners reach their goals. You’ll quickly see that the ElliptiGO offers new and enhanced training opportunities because the stress on the body is reduced. Using low-impact ElliptiGO runs throughout your plan, you’ll be able to train yet avoid the repetitive impact stress that leads to most running injuries. And, because the training plans are optimized for the individual runner, they work for runners of all abilities and ages.

With a McMillan ElliptiGO-integrated program, you can enjoy a revolutionary method of training and while you may not win the Boston Marathon like ElliptiGO rider, Meb Keflezighi, you will learn how to get the most from this cutting-edge, easy-to-use, fun new training tool.

“Don’t wait until you get injured to get on it. If you can stay healthy and consistent, you will perform.”
-Meb Keflezighi, 2014 Boston Marathon Champion

“On the 13th October 2013, I achieved my first sub 3-hour marathon in Chicago, something I could only ever of dreamed about when I clocked 4:27 at my first marathon in April 2011. At 44 years old – and with the running bug firmly embedded in me – I knew that doing 2 or 3 marathons a year and running the associated 50+ mile weeks needed would take its toll in the long run. The ElliptiGO got me outside (I hate gym training), gave me a HARD workout and was not only a good running substitute for an injured runner, but actually improved my fitness as a healthy runner, too!”
Kevin Hunt

“As a 60+ age-group runner who has been running since the 70’s, it’s nice to see my race times get faster after years of slowing down. After 9 weeks of training with the ElliptiGO/McMillan program, my 5K time has dropped from 23:07 (run the week before I started the program) to 21:52.”
Tom Dickie

“I can tell the ElliptiGO is having a positive effect on my running form and I can feel how it is especially strengthening the rear chain (back side). My Tri Coach is seeing an improvement in my fitness and believes the ElliptiGO is adding to my training and not taking anything away from my other sports training. My massage therapist is ecstatic to see the change in how my muscles lay on the bones more correctly and calls the ElliptiGO a miracle bike! She was the first to see tangible changes to my body.”
Sue DeJesus

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