Nikki Shoemaker

Nikki Shoemaker

Nikki Shoemaker

As a retired financial planner, Nikki has reinvented herself from being an injured runner and downhill skier, to an avid ElliptiGO Rider. She is known as the pink lady in Santa Cruz, being very visible, and offering a free ride to anyone that flags her down! After struggling with neck and back injuries (from a car accident), the ElliptiGO has become her Game Changer! The ElliptiGO has allowed her to discover how to be an athlete again, while maintaining the ability to be pain free and injury free! Now Nikki is able to ride 20-35 miles 6-7 days per week. Her first year of riding, she qualified and completed her very first official “bike” ride, the ElliptiGO World Championships climb up Mt. Palomar. The following summer, she set a higher challenge, and completed three full centuries, six metric centuries within a five month window, and also qualified and rode in her second ElliptiGO World Championship ride up Mt. Palomar. She loves sharing this passion to anyone that is curious, and wants to enjoy life as much as she does!

Nikki's Journey with ElliptiGO

Nikki Shoemaker

How did you first hear of ElliptiGO? I first saw an ElliptiGO when I was swimming laps in an outdoor pool. I saw a gal get out of the pool and hop on one. I asked her all about it, and when she told me it was a game changer after neck surgery. I was sold!

Nikki Shoemaker

How Do You Use Your ElliptiGO For Fitness/Exercise? I ride daily, approximately 20-35 miles/day. I use it for not only pain management, but also to gain the endorphins which I got addicted to when I was a runner. It enables me to meditate and feel simply amazing and powerful!

Nikki Shoemaker

What do you love most about riding an ElliptiGO? The thing I love most about the ElliptiGO is the gains I make...gains in strength, balance, meditation, and my strong core! All of those things, and NO PAIN! And above all, it's so much FUN!

What is your favorite ElliptiGO bike?
My favorite ElliptiGO bike is the 11R long-stride, so buttery smooth, so effortless…My other favorite ElliptiGO bike is the MSUB! I always feel like a kid when I take it out on dirt trails!

What is your favorite local ride?
My favorite local ride in Santa Cruz is along the coast…Meandering along West Cliff Drive, up to Wilder Ranch State Park! So beautiful! I also love taking the MSUB up into Nisene Marks State Park!

What is your longest or most memorable ride?
My longest ride was the 101 Mile High Century, in Plumas County, around lake Almanor. My most memorable ride was the 66 mile Columbia Century Challenge in Rainier Oregon. Climbing over 5,200 feet in elevation, and never having been there before, it was both gorgeous and breathtaking! It was a very memorable ride because it was a huge adventure and an awesome challenge for me to have taken on!

Ready to Try an ElliptiGO Bike?

Whether you are new to ElliptiGO bikes and looking to test ride or a current ElliptiGO Owner in the Santa Cruz-Monterey, CA, Nikki can help, 831.234.2027.

ElliptiGO bikes available to test ride:

Long-Stride Bikes: 11R8C

Stand up Bikes: RSUBMSUB 

Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer: Yes


For questions or assistance, please contact Nikki at:
831.234.2027 | [email protected]