Survival of the Fit Test: The ElliptiGO

Watch out, bikers and bladers. The elliptical trainer has zipped out of the gym and onto the streets.

Does the world’s first elliptical bike give you a good workout? We test it out for you.

Fitness Magazine Survival ElliptiGO ArticleThe product: ElliptiGo 8S ($2,499,

The claim: The world’s first elliptical bike mimics running outdoors without the impact on your body. The tester: Editor Wendy Rodewald

The bottom line: “It looks like a bike, minus one key feature: the seat. Once I learned how to get on and off without tipping over, I zoomed around Central Park’s tree-lined paths — a refreshing change from my usual gym workout. But riding the seatless two-wheeler, which feels like a cross between cycling and running, was no walk in the park: I worked up a sweat as quickly as I do on a stationary elliptical. The machine’s eight speeds helped me navigate hills and straightaways, and the handbrakes let me slow down for traffic — that is, when I wasn’t stopped by everyone wanting to check out my ride. ‘Is that an elliptical bike?’ they’d ask. ‘That’s so cool!’ After a superfun morning pushing its pedals and, yes, feeling sore the day after, I’d have to agree.”

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