90mm Kinekt Suspension Stem with Handlebar Shim – All Models

90mm Kinekt Suspension Stem with Handlebar Shim – All Models


ElliptiGO is now offering the Cirrus Cycle Kinekt Suspension stem to fit all ElliptiGO models. This 90mm length stem is the same length for the... Read More SUB/RSUB and MSUB model ElliptiGO bikes, however, it can be used on the 3C/8C/8S and 11R model bikes if a shorter reach is desired. The suspension stem allows the rider to increase handling when riding over a bump and reduces hand and arm fatigue. It helps to smooth out the ride and gives you confidence under any riding conditions. Below is the description regarding the stem from Cirrus Cycle, but note, this stem will come with a handlebar shim for the ElliptiGO riser handlebar clamp size of 25.4mm.

- 15-20mm of travel for comfort and control.
- Significantly reduces high-frequency vibration felt through the handlebars due to uneven terrain.
- Your Kinekt Stem comes with 3 different springs to adjust to your riding style and terrain. Easy to change! Comes with Soft, Medium (Installed) and Firm.
- When purchasing from ElliptiGO, required shims are included
- Balanced so extra weight is not noticed.
- Control and steering are not compromised.
- Significantly lighter than suspension fork.
- Our new Stem is Vertically Compliant for more comfort and safety. The movement is up and down and does not change your riding position under hard braking.