Large Rear Frame Bag – 11R, 8S, 8C, 3C

Large Rear Frame Bag – 11R, 8S, 8C, 3C


This bag is designed to fit the long stride bikes (3C/8C/8S/11R) at the back section of the frame on the bottom. It has Velcro straps... Read More that affix around the frame tubing to keep it place. It is big enough to carry a lightweight jacket/shirt, or food, drinks, wallet, keys, phone, etc. It’s not large enough for grocery items or a computer (maybe a tablet). This bag is not waterproof, but does protect from light rain/splashes.

  • Bag Dimensions: 12x7x2.75 when formed (231 cubic inches)

Note: This Large Frame bag does not fit on the 3C/8C/8S/11R ebike conversions or ebikes. The battery takes the place of where the large frame bag normally sits.