Headlight and Taillight Bundle – 11R, 8S, 8C, 3C

Headlight and Taillight Bundle – 11R, 8S, 8C, 3C


Included in this Headlight and Taillight bundle is a Cateye ViZ450 Taillight and AMPP500 for your 11R, 8S, 8C or 3C elliptical bike. Cateye ViZ450... Read More /> Cateye ViZ450 Taillight: The ViZ450 taillight is super bright with 360 degree of visibility and 450 lumens. It can be installed on all ElliptiGO models but different brackets are needed depending on your model which are included to mount onto your bike.

AMPP500 Headlight: Put yourself in the spotlight with this rechargeable headlight. Whether you’re looking to guide your way in low lighting or make yourself more visible to those you share the road with, this Cateye is the dependable tool you need. Safety first, the AMPP500 comes with maximum side visibility, securely held in place with our adjustable FlexTight™ bracket.