New Buyer Bundle

New Buyer Bundle


This new buyer bundle has everything you need to get on the GO and to keep your bike safe. This elliptical bike bundle was created... Read More for the riders who need the essentials for riding and safety. It includes the following:

Quad Lock phone mount: A strong, secure and universal system to mount your smartphone on your bike. The out front mount can be used on the stem or handlebars. This bundle includes the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor, which can be directly adhered onto the back of any type of smartphone or case.

Dimension bell: A classic design and crisp, clear “DING!” to alert pedestrians, motorists and other cyclists when you are approaching.

Doberman Series Lock: Heavy-duty, self-coiling cables with a unique cylinder that offers resistance against picking and are available with integrated combination. The double-bolt locking mechanism features a reinforced sleeve over the crossbar.

Headlight and Taillight bundle: Cateye ViZ450 Taillight and AMPP500. Cateye ViZ450 Taillight: The ViZ450 taillight is super bright with 360 degree of visibility and 450 lumens. AMPP500 Headlight: Safety first, the AMPP500 comes with maximum side visibility, securely held in place with our adjustable FlexTight™ bracket.

Toe Cages: Toe cages help you increase acceleration – so you can get away from the stoplight faster or pass your friend when you’re having a spirited competition.

Joe Blow Floor Pump: Make inflating your tires a breeze with a high-performance, durable floor pump.

Large Frame Bag: This bag is designed to fit the at the back section of the frame on the bottom. It has Velcro straps that affix around the frame tubing to keep it in place.

Embroidered Custom cover: Provides top-rated water resistance, breathability and durability. Lightweight yet still durable, Comes with a 3-year warranty.

Bundle includes the following: 

  • Dimension Bell
  • Pair of Toe Cages
  • Custom Embroidered Cover
  • Joe Blow Floor Pump
  • Large Frame Bag
  • Doberman Series Lock
  • Quad Lock phone mount
  • Cateye ViZ450 Taillight and AMPP500 Headlight

Note: This Large Frame bag does not fit on the 3C/8C/8S/11R ebike conversions or ebikes. The battery takes the place of where the large frame bag normally sits.




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