Sarah Canney

Sarah Canney

Sarah Canney

Sarah is an athlete, coach, writer and mom of three with a passion for running. Sarah found running later in life and as she became more involved in the running community she was inspired by the connections she had made to create Rise.Run.Retreat., a women’s running retreat.

Sarah’s mission is to help women gain confidence, find strength and make authentic connections through running. As the host, she creates a place for women to be inspired and experience personal growth through running. 

Sarah is also a RRCA and USATF Running Coach and since starting running has become a competitive mountain runner and was a member of the 2018 US National Snowshoe Running Team, finishing 9th at the World Snowshoe Championships in 2019.  In 2020 Sarah won the Bronze medal at the Snowshoe World Championships.

Sarah joined ElliptiGO in 2020 after she fell in love with the bikes. Sarah uses her Long-stride and MSUB extensively in her training to supplement her running and has seen massive improvements in her running including PR’s at every distance since she started riding. You can find more from Sarah at


Sarah's Journey with ElliptiGO

Sarah Canney

How did you first hear of ElliptiGO? I first heard about ElliptiGO when it came on the running scene around 2010, but didn’t really have first hand experience with it until my coach started raving about the bikes. I had to find out for myself if they really were as great as she said they were and they are!

Sarah Canney

How Do You Use Your ElliptiGO For Fitness/Exercise? I’m a competitive runner and am able to increase my volume without compromising recovery time with both my Long-stride and MSUB. I ride anywhere from 4-6 hours on my GO’s in addition to my weekly run mileage.

Sarah Canney

What do you love most about riding an ElliptiGO? The long-stride gives you this freedom to explore and go fast! I love that I can see and take in everything along the way. With my MSUB I’m able to really grind up some dirt road hills around where I live and love the quad burn!

What is your favorite ElliptiGO bike?
I have to say that the long-stride 11R is my favorite. It’s lightweight, so smooth and I love that I can really pick up the pace on the flats and downhills.

What is your favorite local ride?
I’ve got a 40-mile ride from my house that skirts the lake and has a great coffee shop at the halfway point. Nothing like stopping for an espresso mid-ride!

What is your longest or most memorable ride?
On my last birthday I did a 50 mile ride, it was a gorgeous June morning and the perfect way to start my day. I can’t wait to get my 100 mile ride in!

Ready to Try an ElliptiGO Bike?

Whether you are new to ElliptiGO bikes and looking to test ride or a current ElliptiGO Owner in New Hampshire, Sarah can help, 603.973.4623

ElliptiGO bikes available to test ride:

Long-Stride Bikes:  11R | 8C

Stand up Bikes: MSUB

Stationary Trainer: Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer


For questions or assistance, please contact Sarah at:
603.973.4623 [email protected]