Share Your Life on the GO

Here at ElliptiGO, there is no bigger thrill than hearing from our customers. When you share your stories of how the ElliptiGO has positively impacted your life – physically and/or mentally – you inspire us and so many others.

Social media and technology have made it easier than ever to share your life on the GO with training partners, friends and family. We’re breaking down our top tips for posting your photos and experiences.

If you use Facebook…
– Be sure to like the ElliptiGO Facebook Page!
– Join the Private ElliptiGO Facebook Group. This is a space for fellow ElliptiGO riders to connect, ask questions and share their photos, videos and more.

If you use Instagram…
– Follow us @ElliptiGO_USA!
– Be sure to tag us, @ElliptiGO_USA, and use the hashtag #ElliptiGO when you post.

If you use Twitter…
– Follow us @ElliptiGO!
– Be sure to tag us, @ElliptiGO, and use the hashtag #ElliptiGO when you post.

Looking to share your training in a whole new way? Strava is another place where ElliptiGO riders are connecting with one another. Strava’s app and website allow athletes of all kinds to share their workouts, photos and more. You can give kudos to your friends, create route maps and track your training. If you already use Strava or are interested in signing up, be sure to join the ElliptiGO Strava Club!

We can’t wait to see your posts. Be on the lookout – we’re sharing content from our customers on every platform. Will you be the next rider featured on our accounts? Stay tuned and keep enjoying your life on the GO!

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